01 Sep Centre For Social Justice Claims That Cannabis Is “A New Hard Drug”

csj logoWhile the rest of the world is moving at an ever increasing rate towards sanity and intelligence on cannabis, the fools at the Centre for Social Justice have been taking ‘evidence’ from Mary Brett and Cannabis Skunk Sense.

The result is the most idiotic claim in their report on addiction that cannabis is “a new hard drug”.

Of course if you give any credence to the propaganda machine and factory for deception that is Cannabis Skunk Sense then you’re bound to fail in dramatic fashion. The truly shocking thing though is the complete lack of evidence or coherent reasoning used to justify this ludicrous scare story.

The report, titled ‘NO QUICK FIX. Exposing the depth of Britain’s drug and alcohol problem’, is disgraceful in its bigotry, cherry picking of evidence , sanctimonious attitude and slavish sycophancy towards the coalition government.

Later this week, CLEAR will reproduce the appallingly inaccurate section on cannabis and post an analysis of just how misleading it is.