19 Jan CLEAR 2012 Conference – First Call For Papers

The CLEAR 2012 conference will be held at The Falcon pub in Queen’s Park, west London from 13th – 15th April.

The delegate fee for the conference is £45.00. This will cover attendance at all items on the conference agenda. There will be no reduction for part time attendance. Concessions for the unwaged or those on a low income will be considered on an individual basis by the executive committee. Delegates must be paid-up members of CLEAR both at the time of booking and of the conference. A draft programme and full details for booking will be announced shortly.

Call For Papers

This is the first call for papers to be presented at the conference. Proposals should be emailed to [email protected] by 10th February 2012. Proposals should include a 200 word (maximum) outline/summary of the paper together with details of proposed AV support material. Papers may be on any subject related to CLEAR’s aims and objectives. The executive committee will have final say on which papers are selected. Anyone submitting a proposal and/or presenting a paper must be a paid-up member of CLEAR at the time unless a special exception is agreed by the executive committee.

Call For Conference Motions

Part of the conference will be devoted to the formulation of policy. Under our constitution a general meeting is the ultimate governing body of the party and the 2012 conference will be the first general meeting of the party since the constitution was adopted. Proposed motions should be emailed to [email protected] by 10th February 2012. Motions must be proposed by one member and seconded by three further members. Proposers and seconders must be paid-up members both at the time of proposing the motion and at the conference. Depending on the number of proposed motions received, selection of motions for the conference may be may be put out to online vote by the membership.