22 Nov CLEAR Announces New Policy On Home Cultivation Of Cannabis

In the past, CLEAR has refused to carry advertising or information from seed banks. The view we have taken is that although seeds are perfectly legal until germinated, promoting them is precious close to incitement to break the law and the position that we have maintained is to promote reform of the law.

Our position on this has changed.

Typical small grow tent 60cm x 60cm

Cannabis for medical use is no longer a matter for the criminal law. However, the absurd NHS guidelines are preventing doctors from prescribing freely. The entire purpose of the reforms is being subverted by ignorance. The doctors responsible for the guidance are preferring their own cowardice, reluctance to learn and the comfort of established prejudice rather than patients’ best interests.

People who need cannabis as medicine, unless they are fortunate enough to have one of the very few well informed doctors, have only two choices – go private, where doctors will typically make more independent decisions, or continue to source their medicine from the criminal market.

In these circumstances the ethical and economic choice is to grow your own.

With modern equipment, for an investment of just £200 – £300, one or two autoflowering plants can be grown in a purpose-designed tent with a modest power lamp, perhaps 250 watts, and odour filtration. It takes only a little practice to produce a reliable harvest of 100 – 150 grams of high quality bud every three months, sufficient for most personal needs.

Although technically this remains a criminal offence, provided you are discreet and respectful of others, there is very little chance of detection and there is hardly any enforcement going on anyway. The police don’t have the time and resources to deal with violent crime and burglaries, let alone someone growing for peronsal use only. If you have a medical condition for which there is evidence cannabis can help, the chances of being prosecuted for one or two plants are very small.

  • Honestyfirst

    I still say it’s not worth the risk. If found out, you’ll be evicted, charged, given a criminal record, & denied access to many countries as a result. It will jeopardize your eligibility for work, lodging, & social credibility. Malcolm Voce, a 70 year old burglary victim was taken to court, prosecuted, & fined recently when police found his small grow after a neighbour reported his house was being burgled while he was on holiday. They never found the burglar. But they have the manpower to drag a 70 year old Grandad trying to alleviate pain from sciatica and arthritis through the courts.

    The police are also using drones with infra-red technology to see into every household they please with no detection & thus NO authority required to do so. A relatively cheap operation & they can always deny using intrusive means of detection by claiming it were a “Tip-off”.

    Grow it if you are desperate, out in the sticks, in a house with no mortgage, with no family to embarrass, at the tender age of 164!! Otherwise expect to be bushwhacked by the Tory Mascot. There’s one in every town don’t you know!

    • Every one of these problems is avoidable.

      – Dont grow more than 3-4 plants
      – Infra-red cameras only work on outlets, it *doesnt* let police see through walls (basically dont let your rooms get too hot and dont exhaust through window. Best grow via a tent)
      – Dont be obvious with your grows
      – DO NOT tell ANYONE about them
      – Dont grow in rented properties
      – Dont sell your harvest

      3 simple rules: no smell, no tell, no sale

      Im not so sure about police breaking into your house under the guise of a burglary investigation, that seems like bs but at that point you have bigger problems.

      The worst you will get in most counties is a caution and/or fine + community service.

  • That Guy


    For a while the cps have set the sentencing guidelines for growing 9 plants or less at a band ‘c’ fine with sentencing options ranging from immediate discharge to a medium level community order. Essentially it’s a slap on the wrist. Just don’t go above 9 plants (stick to 2 plants in my opinion) and don’t tell anybody about it and you’ll be fine.

    • Agreed

      • Denzil King

        The police, CPS and the courts DO NOT go by the number of plants grown they are guided by the weight produced. Check the sentencing guidelines, it accepts 9 plants subject to 40 grms per plant.

  • Arthur Mosswood

    Don[‘t try this approach in parts of West Belfast, the PSNI are gong down heavily in these areas and a plea of medical necessity won’t cut any ice with them.( How the courts would approach a plea of medical necessity is not clear).

  • Wendy Goodwin

    As a qualified Biologist with an avid interest in Natural plants as any of my friends will know about my beautiful Acer rubrum killed by “High Light Stress from street lights” or my precious bee orchid’s yanked from their home by uneducated people who didn’t understand their complex life cycles being totally dependent on the soil fungi & bacteria (remember the nitrogen cycles with my terrible drawings of cow pooing). I see it as a right for anyone to grow their own. It would be good if this could be discussed with GP in case of any bad mixtures of other meds., when they are trained. Just think of all the money the NHS could save without all the expensive synthetics now being prescribed. I know the government is trying to find a way to tax the £93million pounds of “illegal” cannabis but don’t know where to start. It is sad when “stoners” know more about the ECS than MP’s .Unless all our local greenhouses up North, and we have a lot, are all bought up by GW having the only license to grow, we are going to be short of cannabis for our own use as well as exporting it all abroad.! Gardening is big business and money is still out there and the cannabis plant is a very pretty plant but even better when used for it’s medicinal purposes. Collectives with access to testing labs for CBS;THC levels would enable better usage and organically grown for better safety.
    It is sad when “stoners” know more about the ECS than any MP or some committee members. To talk about Medicinal/recreational. it is the same plant, just different strains is continuing the stigma. Decriminalize it now but we know who is really in charge and it ain’t Mrs May. Let the researches do their work, they have a lot more information to find. Finally let all people know about the wonderful scientists:- Mechoulan, Russo & our own Mike Barnes and give them the accolade they deserve. Two of my dogs, pictured on my messenger page, are on CBD oil from Scotland and thriving, would I ever give my dogs anything that could hurt them. Rant over, but only preaching to the one’s that know the truth. Teachers start to learn now as it WILL be in schools in years to come. Have they not heard about Social Media? There again, I am just an old, feeble OAP, retired Science teacher, what could I possible know?

  • Neil Phillips

    What about growing High CBD Strains at home? Would that be looked at less harshly than THC strains?

    • No. Cannabis is cannabis, a class B drug and the level of THC is irrelevant.

  • Mark Walmsley

    Technically a criminal offence, but if you are looking to grow your own then Royal Queen Seeds have developed a CBD rich Auto strain:


    Good luck but be careful !!

  • Wendy Goodwin

    According to my MP there are a few MPs questioning the lack of NHS cannabis prescriptions s there will be further debates in the Commons and he will let me know any outcomes. I like to inform him of the Endocannabinoid System(ECS) but even he got an insufficient answer from my local CCH and I only asked three simple question:- 1. What does the non clinical lead know about the ECS and cannabis?
    2. What does the panel of GPs know? 3. What are they doing to train their GPs under their care? From their response to the first two I presume they know nothing and they rely on the doctors own CPD! But at least my MP did ask them.

  • Mark Rowland Lloyd

    Just a note about CBD rich strains. Some will produce a number of phenotypes given a population of plants some high CBD, some high THC. Something to bear in mind.

  • Paul Kersey

    Eviction for supply to yourself for pain management is prehistoric

  • Wendy Goodwin

    Maybe we can all join the guy who has just won his battle as a Moral case for decriminalisation as a vegan, classified like religion. Our total belief in the human right to treat ourselves with homegrown cannabis is a religion.