02 Apr CLEAR Domain Name Secured. The Campaign Continues

I am delighted to announce that control of the CLEAR domain name has now been restored.

This has been a terrible 10 days. In fact, it’s been a pretty terrible year so far with the relentless hate campaign against me and the noisy trolling of CLEAR by a small group of people who are angry, bitter and jealous of our success. I am immensely proud of the way that, through all of this, CLEAR has continued to take the lead in the cannabis campaign. It is CLEAR that has been putting out positive campaigning effort seven days of every week, of every month.

We now have a valiant and diligent team of comment warriors who take the truth to every corner of Britain, every day. Our PCC complaints are changing the way that the press behaves. A year ago, could anyone imagine a letter like yesterday’s in the Mail on Sunday being published by a Paul Dacre newspaper? We have forced them to start publishing the truth.

I have almost finished reading the drugs inquiry evidence and around 50% of all submissions cite CLEAR evidence. This is an astonishing achievement of which we can be very proud. We have mobilised people who previously would never have considered making a submission to a parliamentary inquiry. We are making change happen!

This is why a coup was attempted. CLEAR is the most successful and effective cannabis campaign Britain has ever seen. Those who attacked me wanted to take over what we have created because they can’t do it themselves.

It will take some days yet before the website is fully restored. We will move it back to its proper domain name in the next day or so. All membership data is safe.

Thank you to all those who have stood by CLEAR, even in the face of the most disgraceful and underhand plotting, scheming and sabotage. We have lost some good people who were duped and led astray by the lies and propaganda. What we need to do now is ramp up the campaign even harder, show that we deserve their trust and welcome them back to the party.

Thank you.