11 Jan CLEAR Executive Meeting 21st – 22nd August 2014

Sutton Poyntz, Weymouth

21st – 22nd August 2014


CLEAR Exec members Roland Gyallay-Pap, Derek Williams and Dan Ford. Photo by Peter Reynolds


Attendees: Peter Reynolds (PR)
Derek Williams (DW)
Roland Gyallay-Pap (RGP)
Dan Ford (DF)

1) Review of last meeting’s minutes

It was noted that DF had attended one day of the meeting in February (omitted from Attendees in last meeting’s minutes).

PR praised that despite being a small team with a very limited budget, CLEAR has been able to achieve a lot.

The huge upturn in followers was briefly discussed, with differences in opinion being raised as to what had precipated it. Nonetheless, CLEAR is now the largest cannabis law reform group in the UK.

2) Website discussion

Brief discussion on design and functionality, followed by a Skype conference with the website programmer.

Definitions agreed: a) ‘News items’ = Daily News, b) currently called ‘Blogs’ = CLEAR articles

Steady progress is being made with completion anticipated by end November 2014.

3) AdVan campaign

The committee agreed that the first funding round had been a flop, achieving only 18% of the target of £10k.

It was agreed that a second funding round would be launched with a lower target of £3,500 for one AdVan for one week. A new ad will be designed, along the medicinal use theme and this would be used to promote the campaign and differentiate it from the pilot campaign.

Funds from the previous round will be carried over once they have been received from Indiegogo.

4) Leadership succession and recruitment process and requirements

It was noted that PR wishes to hand over the Leadership when his next term expires.

It was agreed that CLEAR needs to take a more formal approach in recruiting Executive team members, and that job descriptions would be drafted for available positions.

Positions still open: PCC Complaints Officer, TOKEpure Campaign Manager, Director of Media Team.

5) Development of the medical campaign

Medicinal Users Panel

It was agreed that Richard Tong would become Director of the Medicinal Users Panel (MUP). RGP will draft a job description. PR to meet with Richard to give him an induction.

A comprehensive database needs to be maintained and regularly updated. The goal is to have around 100 active members and the Director should take an active role in establishing personal relationships with its members.

CLEAR Medical leaflet

Stocks are running low on the old medical leaflet and the designer has already been paid for the creation of a new leaflet.

Required are around 18-20 face shots of medicinal users, derived from MUP. A disclaimer will need to be obtained for those providing photos. Only first names will be published.

PR to provide a copy in due course.

GP Information Campaign

So far, interest in medicinal cannabis from professional bodies representing the medical community has been muted, as there has been no pressure from their members. The GP Information Campaign should address this.

Further work is required to develop this campaign, but the general idea is to send information packs to GPs and other health professionals, funded by a crowdfunding campaign.

It was agreed that it would be highly desirable to have a GP or other medical specialist on board to front this campaign.

6) Membership

Further memes, especially focusing on promoting Funding Memberships, are to be developed to drive membership.

Membership income is our lifeblood and we should be doing all we can to drive new membership. Administration of membership and better tracking of expired/cancelled memberships shall become significantly easier with the implementation of the new website and associated membership admin backend.

7) Matters arising

It was agreed that CLEAR should produce more video content.

PR and DW to produce regular “campaign update interviews” with PR.

8) Appointments/Awards

The following members were awarded Fellowhips:

George Hutchings, Paul Lewington, Dean Price, Vicky Hodgson, Lara Smith, Nick Ellis