25 Feb CLEAR Local Branches – Purpose and Definition

Are You Ready To Take a More Active Stance?

Local Branches


The purpose of a CLEAR Local Branch is to help educate and counter the misinformation and lies that has been carried out over this last century. Taking a more active ground role, each branch will take up various activities, as defined and decided by themselves, with CLEAR guidance when sought. With these activities the local branches aim to gain the trust of the masses and help influence public opinion through education and provide a counter-balance to the misinformation generally told by most mainstream media.


A local branch is 4 or more people registered with CLEAR – Cannabis Law Reform to act on the Parties behalf in furthering the aims and objectives held by the Party, its supporters and similar organisations that they may work with from time to time.

Some examples can be seen (but not limited to) in the What Your Local Branch Can Do section.

If you or a friend wish to become a Local Branch Manager, to enable you to form a CLEAR Local Branch then see if you fit the criteria listed here, and if so complete the registration and policy forms and mail them to CLEAR (address at the bottom of the page).

The Local Branches are voluntary and self funding, but we do offer advice and support with this.

How to Form

Each Local Branch needs 1 Branch Manager, and at least 3 starting Supporters (signatories). You (as the prospective Branch manager) would need to print out the Local Branch Registration Form, which requires the manager’s name and contact information, and the signatures of the 3 supporters. All the webpages on this site can be printed via a pdf link by clicking on any of the highlighted words. They are also listed at the bottom of the page.

The branch manager must also provide a scanned copy of their membership card, making sure it clearly shows the name and ID number.

Once received and verified we will mail you back your acknowledgment of registration and a copy of your registration form and policies (we keep the originals). CLEAR will be operating a Local Branch Administration team which will be on call to support and provide advice for the branches as and when needed.

Please mail your completed registration form, attached signed policies form and a scanned copy of your membership card to;

Local Branches Administration
CLEAR – Cannabis Law Reform
The Greenhouse
42-46 Bethel Street

Queries can be emailed to membership@clear-uk.org

Local Branch Manager & Supporters
Registration Form

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