09 Nov CLEAR Statement Concerning Cannabis Legalisation Measures In US Election.


“This is marvellous news for liberty, health and human rights.  The USA, unlike Britain, has a functioning democracy where the will of the people prevails rather than the bigotry and self-interest of politicians.  It is wonderful to see that truth, justice and evidence is winning out over the lies and misinformation we have been fed about cannabis for almost 100 years.

In 1971, the British government abdicated all responsibility on cannabis and abandoned our communities and our children to criminal gangs.  Since then all the harms have multiplied exponentially.  The laws against cannabis fund organised crime, promote dangerous hidden farms which are fire risks, the destruction of rental property, selling to children, contaminated ‘moonshine’ cannabis, gang violence, lives ruined by criminal records and the cruel denial of safe, effective medicine that can relieve pain, suffering and disability.

Donald Trump has supported access to medicinal cannabis all along.  Many British politicians who consider him to be an unreasonable person should now look to themselves and ask whether they are being reasonable by supporting prohibition, even for medical use.

It is time for Theresa May, Amber Rudd and the UK government to take responsibility for the £6 billion pa cannabis market.  The tide of legalisation is now unstoppable and it would be deeply irresponsible for them to fail to act.  They must grasp this nettle now!”

Peter Reynolds, president of CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform

  • rockstar

    Absolutely spot on! Every single word!

  • rockstar

    Well said!!!!!

  • changenow

    well said but our government is living in the stone age, they have finally accepted ”cbd'(ive mentioned cbd to doctors who have said its a grey area) as medcine but yet they ignore the hundreds of other compounds in cannabis which all work together in helping medicinally with peoples illnesses, theresa May and the government seem to get a kick out of making the sick and needy suffer. its time for a change.

  • † KiNg FLuBBeR †

    I really hope England can reform as soon as possible. The war on cannabis simply isn’t working! Keeping it illegal is simply BACKFIRING and DESTROYING communities around England! Cannabis is always and has always been in high demand – young people see this as an easy avenue to make money and so get involved in crime and gang culture. Keeping cannabis illegal is literally feeding gang culture in England! And cannabis consumers are not criminals – ALL would rather obtain their cannabis from a legal, licensed shop, without the worry of dealing with criminals or being offered harder drugs.. Without the need of worrying how your cannabis was grown. 5 years ago, I traveled to Barcelona and you would find intimidating street dealers everywhere on the streets offering cannabis and hash. Since they recently implemented regulated cannabis social clubs, I recently visited and the street dealers are gone, and NOTHING in Barcelona has changed! It’s still the same, functioning city, if anything safer! PLEASE ENGLAND, PLEASE stop funding this ridiculous gang culture that keeps growing and growing, please let us buy cannabis in a legal, safe environment, where we can also CONTRIBUTE TAX that will help the country grow! I have been able to consume cannabis in England for over 8 years now, and even with it moving to a Class B and with all the police raids, the amount of street dealers I know has only increased, and variety of cannabis has only increased! So this fight against cannabis is clearly not working if MORE cannabis is available to me than ever before! To the point where there are even people setting up secret underground Amsterdam style coffee-shops around London. The people want it – a safe environment, a safe system, to consume something harmless that just helps one to relax. Please England, get out the dark ages.

    • changenow

      i agree with u 100% flubber, there is so much weed in the country its very very hard as a ‘medicinal’ user to find anything with good enough quality as street dealer chop early for $$, cbd thc and others cant be measure in shoddy street cannabis, dont hold your breathe on this government changing its stance, in their eyes the ”war on drugs is working” as we who are blessed with sight can see its killing hundreds of thousands and damaging lifes with conviction and of corse being branded a criminal, wake up and stop ignoring the facts theresa may, or should i say margaret thatcher!