12 Mar CLEAR Statement of Accounts 2013

In 2011, the membership of the Legalise Cannabis Alliance agreed to change its name to CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform and adopt a new constitution with revised aims and objectives.

Since then, we’ve been changing the way we carry out our operations and despite very limited resources we have achieved a lot, with great thanks to our members.

We want to be open and transparent about what happens with your donations and membership fees, which is why we are publishing detailed accounts.

In the next year, we are looking to increase our promotion budget to be able spread our message more widely.

With your support we hope to continue growing and to achieve our set goals.

The largest part of our income is from memberships and donations. They are the lifeblood of our campaigning efforts. To see how we spent this money in 2013, please see here:

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Membership income has increased substantially over the past year (up 80% from 2012) and has become CLEAR’s main source of income. Whilst this is an encouraging development, we are looking at ways of diversifying our funding to include grants, larger donations, legacies etc.

CLEAR 2013acc9


CLEAR’s largest expense is travel so we have analysed this by purpose.

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Administration costs refer to costs associated with the day-to-day running of CLEAR, such as website hosting, membership administration, stationery, postage, etc. We have halved these costs in the past year.

All staff at CLEAR are volunteers and require no office space.

We have changed the way we account for our core activities and no longer have ‘fundraising’ or ‘campaigning’ costs, referring to them instead as ‘promotion’ costs. This expenditure relates to the costs of spreading our message and includes advertising, design work, printing of information material, etc.

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You can download the accounts here (PDF)