21 Feb CLEAR Statement of Accounts 2014

CLEAR relies on donations, merchandise sales and membership fees to sustain its campaign. It is our duty to supporters to be transparent in how we spend these funds, which is why we publish our accounts.

All in all, we’ve done very well last year, doubling our income, running two campaigns, upgrading our website and introducing new merchandise.

Membership income was up 41% on last year, and donations increased by 131%. We raised funds from private donors and via crowdfunding for two AdVan campaigns in central London. We introduced CLEAR wristbands and will shortly be coming out with a new merchandise offer.

Our administration costs increased significantly, but this was largely due to our website upgrade. Travel costs include re-imbursement of travel costs for CLEAR Medicinal Users Panel (MUP) members, a service we are proud to offer to members who attend meetings on behalf of CLEAR. More meetings invariably mean more travel, so more travel is a good thing.

We continue to investigate new avenues of funding and how to expand our budget to allow us to do more. If you have any fundraising ideas, we are keen to hear from you clear@clear-uk.org.

Thank you for your support!


Compared to the previous year, CLEAR’s regular income in 2014 increased by 59% to £9,534. The majority of income comes from memberships, with the rest made up of donations, merchandise and other income, such as Google advertising.

In addition, CLEAR raised £3,296 for two Advan campaigns from private donors and through a crowdfunding appeal. Total income, therefore, was £12,840.

Regular income: £9,534



CLEAR spent a total of £13,460 in 2014.

Total expenditure: £13,460

CLEAR Expenditure 2014

Administration: membership administration, stationary, postage, phone, internet, meeting expenses, etc. Administration costs increased as a proportion of regular expenditure due to the one-off cost of upgrading of the CLEAR website.

Promotion: Facebook advertising, printing of leaflets, design work, etc.

Travel: expenses incurred meeting government ministers, MPs, agency representatives; media engagements, board meetings; also re-imbursement of travel costs for Medicinal User Panel members

Fundraising costs: PayPal fees, indiegogo fees, other fundraising costs

Campaigns: Two AdVan campaigns in Central London

Admin information

Income and expenditure

Expense Account



Campaign Income


Other Income

Administration Costs

Staff Costs

Travel Costs


Campaign Expenditure


Expense Accounts



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