07 Oct CLEAR Submits Formal Complaints To IPSO and OFCOM On Cannabis Reporting

Professor Wayne Hall

Professor Wayne Hall

As a result of the disgracefully inaccurate reporting on cannabis on TV and in the newspapers today, CLEAR has submitted two formal complaints to media regulators.

To the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), we have reported the Daily Telegraph and to OFCOM we have reported Sky News. In both instances these media outlets claimed that the paper published today by Professor Wayne Hall stated that cannabis is as addictive as heroin. This is absolutely false, the paper said no such thing.

Download a copy of Professor Hall’s paper here.

We are also investigating which professional bodies Professor Hall is accredited by with a view to submitting a formal complaint about misconduct. Both in the paper published today and in a paper attacking cannabinoid medicine published in the BMJ in April 2014 he has failed to disclose his close association with Australia’s National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC), a notorious propaganda organisation. We consider it improper and deceitful that Professor Hall presents himself as an independent scientist when he is engaged in actively campaigning against cannabis.