24 May CLEAR, The Leading UK Drug Policy Reform Group, Passes 100,000 Facebook Followers

100k members!

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CLEAR Membership pack

A very big thank you to all those who through the course of the last three years have clicked ‘like’ on the CLEAR Facebook page and signed up to receive our news feed. This morning our total number of followers passed 100,000. We’re getting close to having as many followers as all other UK drug policy reform groups combined.

CLEAR is reaching more people in the UK with the truth about cannabis than has ever been achieved before. We are taking our message into the corridors of power in Westminster and backing it with science, evidence and growing support from politicians and opinion leaders.

CLEAR is not a pro-cannabis or cannabis user group. We campaign for cannabis law reform. Many of our members and followers do not use cannabis but they see the huge damage that prohibition does to our society. Other than evidence-based medicinal use, we do not advocate the use of cannabis. That should be an individual choice and adults should have the right to choose without facing the repression, prejudice and discrimination which is all that present policy offers.

Follow us on Facebook and on Twitter. Nowhere else will you find more up to date news on cannabis and drugs policy. We carefully select the most significant news stories, scientific studies and informed opinion and bring it to you before anyone else. We don’t shy away from negative stories and ‘reefer madness’ scaremongering because it’s important to know what the opposition is up to. We cover the celebrity gossip and tittle tattle about cannabis because, like it or not, it has a huge impact on public perception.

So if you want to stay ahead and better informed, the truth about cannabis is CLEAR. If you want to offer real help to the campaign, please become a paid-up member. Sign up here.