20 Sep CLEAR To Become A Company Limited By Guarantee Following Members’ Referendum

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Over the course of the first two weeks in September, CLEAR members have been voting online on CLEAR’s future legal status.

CLEAR was a single-issue political party until 2014, when the Executive Committee decided not to renew its registration with the Electoral Commission. It was felt that the idea of a single-issue party standing for Parliament was out of date and ineffective.

In recent years we have seen significant disadvantages to being a political party. Some of the media get nervous because of rules requiring balance in reporting. Potential members are put off by having to join a political party, and potential donors may be put off for the same reason. The cost of running even a very modest election campaign is now enormous and achieves little in the way of publicity or success.

CLEAR put the motion that it become a ‘company limited by guarantee’ out for referendum to its members and voting took place between 27th August and 15th September.

Companies limited by guarantee are widely used for charities, community projects, clubs, societies and other similar bodies. Most guarantee companies are not-for-profit companies – that is, they do not distribute their profits to their members but either retain them within the company or use them for some other purpose, such as campaigning.

This is a big step in moving the campaign forward on a professional and solid legal basis. CLEAR thanks its members for voting and for their continued support.

Turnout was 107 votes cast, but the result was conclusive with 92% of votes in favour, 8% abstained and zero votes against the motion.

What happens next?

In the coming weeks, CLEAR will submit its application to Companies House. Once approved, CLEAR will adopt a new constitution and be allocated a registered company number. CLEAR will be required to submit its financial accounts annually.