05 Oct COMT Gene Cannabis Scare Story Disproven Again

It’s the favourite of Mary Brett, Debra Bell, Charles ‘cocaine for kids’ Walker, Nadine Dorries and every other low rent, prohibitionist nutter, cannabis scaremonger and trainee Daily Mail hack.

Well it would be, wouldn’t it? It suggested that a functional polymorphism in the catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) gene meant that 25% of those who enjoyed even the merest whiff of a joint would become instantly psychotic, axe wielding mass murderers. The COMT gene theory was their dream come true!

OK, I may be overstating it a little but the dreadful thing is that even though the theory has already been disproven over and over again, Charles Walker put it at the centre of his nonsensical rant in his adjournment debate in the summer. Judge Roger Thorn spouted it out in some ignorant and prejudiced judgment in Newcastle Crown Court. Mary Brett continues to put it at the heart of the misinformation that her sham charity Cannabis Skunk Sense preaches. I even saw the BBC let the Duchess of Northumberland, she of the Alnwick poisonous garden, promote the lie on its Country Tracks programme earlier this year.

Yet another study has just been published by the Glyn Lewis and Stan Zammit team at Cardiff and Bristol that shows the COMT gene theory is nonsense

We just have to keep on telling the truth. Mankind has used cannabis safely and effectively for more than 5000 years.