29 Feb Coronation Street Medicinal Cannabis Storyline Becomes Hard Hitting Drama.

After a few weeks build up, the story of Izzy, who has turned to cannabis for pain relief, has taken off in dramatic style. It is now exceeding our highest expectations as it gives an insight into the terrible dilemma and cruelty that the British government inflicts on people who are already suffering from life-limiting, sometimes terminal conditions.

CLEAR has been producing edited highlights of the storyline on a rolling basis. See them individually here. Now though, with the rapid escalation of the story into something that is really powerful, we have decided to push these clips out through YouTube in an effort to gain a wider audience.

We believe our use of ITV’s footage falls within ‘fair use’ guidelines. We are using it to make fair comment and it can do ITV no harm, only good. We congratulate the producers, crew and actors on their courageous path.

This soap opera storyline could well be what cuts through the careless ambivalence that so many politicians adopt on the subject. Hundreds of thousands of people in Britain are suffering, just like Izzy.

With a single stroke of her pen, Theresa May, the home secretary, could authorise that cannabis be re-scheduled to allow doctors to prescribe it. Immediately patients could have access to Bedrocan medicinal cannabis products, already regulated as safe and effective by the Netherlands government.

What reason can there be to delay?

The first video combines parts one to five as the scene is set and the story begins to develop.

In the second video, Izzy realises how effective the cannabis is and she faces the reality of trying to find more.

The third video really strikes home. Izzy has been ripped off. She is criticised by her estranged partner for using cannabis but she is in terrible pain. At last he realises what is happening and agrees to help.

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