25 Aug Could This Be An “Acceptable” Form Of Medicinal Cannabis?

Jim Alekson, CEO of Medical Marijuana Delivery Systems LLC,
expects the TETRACAN Medical Marijuana Patch to be
available in dispensaries across the United States shortly.



The TETRACAN Medical Marijuana Patch is currently being developed in the United States by Medical Marijuana Delivery Systems LLC. Once perfected, and when medical marijuana legislation is finally adopted in the United Kingdom, TETRACAN will be introduced to the UK under the brand name CANNIDERM. The TETRACAN Medical Marijuana Patch is a dosage controlled, holistic medicinal therapy; not to be confused with a marijuana lifestyle.

The patented technology behind the TETRACAN Medical Marijuana Patch is the first exclusively controlled modality that establishes a clear differentiation and medicinal departure from marijuana’s age old delivery modality of smoking. Introduction of TETRACAN products eliminates marijuana’s long-standing debate of “LifeStyle” v/s “HealthStyle”. Use of TETRACAN holistic products, by registered medical marijuana patients, is clearly a HealthStyle choice. Those that advocate in favor of marijuana as a holistic HealthStyle are clearly separated from those who argue to the contrary.

Although cannabis is typically smoked or eaten to reap its medical benefits, it is now possible to focus pain relief to the areas where it is needed by using topical products absorbed through the skin. What is not generally known about medical marijuana is that getting “high” through smoking or eating marijuana is one of the potentially unwanted side-effects of medical marijuana therapy. TETRACAN transdermally delivered products are able to provide the same level of pain relief with none of the side-effects of marijuana use.

There are a significant number of persons in the base population, especially the young and the elderly, for whom the pain management benefits of medical marijuana therapy would be a welcome addition to their pain management options. Unfortunately for any number of reasons including, but not limited to the following, they cannot include medical marijuana amongst their pain management options:

(i) those persons who cannot draw smoke into their lungs or eat medical marijuana products because of their medical condition;

(ii) those persons who are either too young or too elderly for normal medical marijuana therapy delivery modalities (smoking in particular). This is especially applicable to persons suffering from the side-effects of chemotherapy;

(iii) the elderly who have never smoked in their lives and do not want to start even though the smoke is therapeutically beneficial to their quality of life; and

(iv) general societal misgivings about marijuana because of the perceived social stigma attributed to marijuana use.

These persons, as well as other medical marijuana patients who currently either smoke or eat medical marijuana products, will soon have a viable and societally acceptable alternative available to them in the form of the TETRACAN Medical Marijuana Patch.

TETRACAN products are also being perfected for veterinary applications to help alleviate the pain suffered by older pets. The TETRACAN Pet Patch will soon be available on veterinary shelves across the United States.

Furthermore, introduction of dosage controlled TETRACAN patented products will:

(i) help block black market product proliferation and non-taxable profiteering;

(ii) for the first time, medical marijuana therapy can be dispensed in controlled dosages; and

(iii) open the door for the company’s research and development of other purely holistic delivery modalities involving both marijuana as well as other holistic medicinal compounds.

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