05 Apr Deceitful, Dishonest Daily Mail Falsifies Cannabis Research Again!

Lie After Lie After Lie After Lie... Lie After Lie After Lie After Lie…

It’s nothing new. The Daily Mail is in the business of deliberate misinformation about cannabis. It’s been doing so since shortly after it stopped supporting Adolf Hitler. See here for the last 10 years. It is an institution so corrupt and so mired in dishonesty that its editors probably can’t distinguish between fact and fiction. Paul Dacre strong-armed Gordon Brown into his absurd ‘Skunk is lethal’ speech and he will stop at nothing to twist, distort, exaggerate and mislead about cannabis.

Paul Dacre, 'Butcher' Of Truth Paul Dacre, ‘Butcher’ Of Truth

It might have something to do with the £800 million spent on alcohol advertising in Britain.

As Professor David Nutt said last year, legal regulation of cannabis would probably “reduce alcohol consumption by up to 25%”. In fact, it would transform public health in our country, reduce crime and violence and provide a massive stimulation to the economy.

You see, today the Daily Mail (and the Daily Telegraph) blatantly misrepresented a study from Newcastle University, so much so that the lead researcher immediately published a blog saying so.

To be fair, the DM has recently lost its position at the top of the ‘Reefer Madness’ charts because it has discovered sensationalist medicinal cannabis stories. It can use the remarkable anecdotes about cancer being cured and lives being transformed for its own ends. Now the real home of ‘Reefer Madness’ in the British press is The Independent, which has veered way off course under the guidance of the Blair disciple John Rentoul, probably the journalist with the poorest understanding of science you could ever read.

The Fleet Street mafia is deeply entrenched in its anti-cannabis position for the advertising and for the sensationalism. Witness these stories today. They are obscure and “perverse” as David Blunkett has said (the only Home Secretary ever to approach the cannabis issue on a rational basis). They completely contradict every other comparable study throughout the world.

Last year, Fleet Street went mad for the ‘cannabis reduces IQ’ scare story but completely failed to cover the study in the same journal three months later which said the IQ scare was based on bad science.

This is Fleet Street for you. A dying breed which soon will disintegrate in its own lies and corruption. The Daily Mail will always be remembered as the most heinous example of the British press at its very worst.