24 Jan Definitive Daily Mail Disinformation – Gutter Press Plumbs New Depths

Killed by cannabis: Boy, 16, dies falling down stairs while high on skunk … and proves Sir Richard Branson is wrong about drugs“, The Daily Mail, 24th January 2012

This story and its blatant and malicious dishonesty sums up the Daily Mail.

The headline starts “Killed by cannabis…”. Then, within the body text the coroner is quoted saying:

“The awful events that took David’s life weren’t directly related to the fact he had taken cannabis”

Frankly, I believe this should be a resigning matter for Paul Dacre. It is disgraceful, shameful and a slur on every journalist everywhere.

Of course I shall be making a PCC complaint but I can tell you, with certainty, what will happen. The headline will be changed in the online edition but there will be no apology or correction in the print edition and the PCC will do nothing about it.

Need I say more?