08 Jan Des Humphrey

Des Humphrey has resigned from the CLEAR executive committee. He sent the following message yesterday:

I am resigning from the executive committee with immediate effect, my reasons are of a personal nature, and will stay that way. I will continue to campaign for the rights for all mankind to use cannabis for whatever reasons they require. This is of great regret that I have come to this decision, and would like to thank all members of CLEAR and the committee for showing so much support towards my efforts in the last year, I will continue to help with the MMM in Cardiff and the 4:20 in Hyde Park and Amsterdam.

I would add a personal comment: Des has been very supportive of CLEAR, especially through the difficult times of the past couple of weeks. It is particularly sad that a man of such integrity was put under a great deal of stress caused by people pursuing their own agendas. Des is a real gem and it is first and foremost for people like him that CLEAR exists.