15 Sep Do You Want Access To Legal Medicinal Cannabis?


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Definitive Legal Advice On Medicinal Cannabis In The UK

It is now possible for British residents to obtain legal access to Bedrocan medicinal cannabis.

It is neither easy nor 100% certain and requires you to travel to Holland to collect your medicine and return to UK while openly declaring it at customs. Most important of all is that you find a doctor who is prepared to write a private prescription.

All doctors have ‘prescribing rights’ which cannot be overridden by any law. This is nothing to do with the NHS, with the practice your doctor is employed by or a partner in. It is not the business of any CCG, PCT or health authority to tell your doctor what he/she can prescribe. If your doctor won’t prescribe what you need then find one who will!

CLEAR is small team of people working with extremely limited resources. We are all volunteers. Other than the general advice provided on our website and Facebook page, we will work with individuals to guide and assist them through the process. However, you must first become a CLEAR member and then apply to join our medicinal users panel.

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