07 Mar Doublespeak From The Woman Who Runs Britain’s Irrational And Dangerous Drugs Policy

TheresaMaysitting“It is of course important that any debate on alternative approaches should be focused on clear evidence and analysis…[but] the coalition government has no intention of decriminalizing drugs”

Theresa May, Home Secretary, 7th March 2013

The government’s response to the HASC drugs inquiry report ‘Breaking the Cycle’ is exactly what you would expect from an administration that is most concerned with appeasing the press and special interest lobby groups, particularly Big Booze.

The truth is that the health and wellbeing of the British people and the stability of our society is at the bottom of Theresa May’s priorities. Is there anything more stupid, more transparently corrupt, than a claim to base policy on evidence but immediately to rule out what all the evidence points to?

One day soon, the great immoral evil that is prohibition will be over. Then those who have whored themselves out to it and compromised all their personal integrity in its name will be seen for who they really are.

Download the government’s response here. (It’s an object lesson in obfuscation and doublespeak)