01 Nov Dutch Common Sense Prevails

Coffeeshop 36. Always My Favourite.

The Dutch people are far too sensible, rational and well-ordered to have ever let it happen. There was no way the Amsterdam coffee shops were going to close and now it’s been confirmed.

I was confident of this outcome all along and I am also confident that the plan to rule out any strain above 15% THC will fail. It’s just completely impractical. The only way it could be done is under a fully regulated system – mind you, depending what happens in Oregon, Washington and Colorado next week, the Dutch might even decide to go that way.

I really hope that the weak, small fools we have here, the likes of Theresa May, James Brokenshire, Alan Johnson, Jacqui Smith – I hope they’re ashamed and embarrassed. What more proof do they need?

Prohibition ALWAYS causes more harm than it prevents. Legal regulation minimises all health and social harms.

This is exactly the message that I am trying to get out in Corby and East Northamptonshire. The evidence is that around £10 million is spent on cannabis in the constituency each year. That’s a huge amount of money that could easily generate 100 + new jobs and enormous benefit for the community as this money is brought out of the black economy. Such a move would also reduce all forms of street crime and allow police to concentrate on serious problems.

Keith Vaz and the members of the Home Affairs select committee now have to deliver. The arguments have all been won. They must submit a report which faces reality and recommends radical change to cannabis policy.

If they fail to reach the conclusion that all the evidence points to they will have let the whole country down. Out of common sense, compassion, concern for children, public health, fiscal responsibility and in the name of liberty we must tax and regulate cannabis now!

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