11 Dec Election Fighting Fund

I had hoped to be standing in the forthcoming Feltham and Heston by-election. It’s taking place next Thursday, on 15th December. It’s a Labour safe seat and it looks as if they will win easily.

So, in fact, it’s probably good news that we didn’t enter as I have seen no coverage of it at all – and that is all we have to gain from contesting a by-election. We cannot expect to win. The only point is to use the opportunity to gain publicity for the cause. We will inevitably lose our £500 deposit in the process.

And that’s the reason we haven’t entered. We don’t have the money. The committee discussed this at some length and we do have the benefit of some experience from when the LCA fielded candidates in the past. We will need a minimum election fighting fund of £1500. In fact we will probably need more and be able to raise more at the time but we need that reserve to hand, ready to go.

So please, put the CLEAR election fighting fund on your Christmas present list!

I know it’s not a good time of year to be asking but we can do this in fivers and tenners if everyone can join in. Please give what you can. I’m hoping that we can get a running total up on the home page.

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