22 Jun Even Liberal Politicians Base Drugs Policy on Ignorance

Norman Baker MP

Norman Baker MP

Norman Baker has had his chance and he’s proved himself to be just another career politician with no real understanding of his portfolio and a lack of knowledge which is simply breathtaking.

On two occasions in the last fortnight he has demonstrated the most incompetent understanding about medicinal cannabis. Once again we are left with the miserable reality that our drugs minister is badly informed, out of touch and utterly ignorant of the key facts and evidence on which he should be relying.

Despite the liberal and progressive ideas he has espoused in the past, as soon as he has come to office they have all melted away and he has proved himself to be no different from the rest. Out of his mouth come words that can only have been authored by the most pig-ignorant and bigoted politician in Whitehall, Theresa May and her gang of civil servant propagandists, determined to lie about cannabis, khat and anything that might restrain the war on drugs.

Behind the calculated lie that the Home Office has fed to the UK about falling drug use is the inexorable rise of dangerous, toxic chemicals known as ‘legal highs’ or Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS). These are the product of prohibition and only exist because of the ban on relatively safe substances such as cannabis and MDMA for which there is huge demand but which cowardly governments refuse to take responsibility for.

So what is our liberal drugs minster doing about them? He’s banning them. He is obsessed with banning them. Ban them. We’ve banned lots already and we’re going to ban more. We’re going to do exactly the same thing as we’ve been doing for years, that we’ve proved doesn’t work but we’re going to carry on with it. If it moves, ban it! If it’s less harmful than those big tax earners alcohol and tobacco then ban it! Let’s find new ways to ban things and let’s ban more things more quickly. Lets get on and ban some more now! Aren’t I clever. I banned some drugs!

It is truly pathetic that this is the only response Baker can come up with. His defence of government policy on NPS is that he’s banned more of them than anyone else, yet all the evidence shows that the UK’s consumption of NPS is the highest in Europe.

As all the evidence shows, banning drugs doesn’t reduce use, it just increases harm. We know this from cannabis, cocaine, even very recently from mephedrone but our useless, dullard, slow and stupid politicians can come up with no new ideas.

So what’s Norman Baker’s incompetence on medicinal cannabis? Firstly, he claims that the Department of Health’s advisors say that cannabis is of ‘limited’ medicinal benefit. That apparently is sufficient for him to dismiss the 10,000 peer reviewed papers on the subject published in the last five years, the fact that more than half of all US citizens now have legal access to medicinal cannabis, that Health Canada is now planning for 450,000 cannabis patients , that Israel’s programme is expanding rapidly and including clinical trials for all sorts of conditions. He sweeps aside the million UK citizens already using it despite the risk of a criminal conviction and he dismisses the worldwide clamour from tens of millions who need the benefits it brings.

Secondly, it emerges that he is completely ignorant of the truth about Sativex. He has been completely taken in by the disinformation campaign run by his own officials. He thinks Sativex is an extract of just THC and CBD in some special sort of pharmaceutical disguise. Despite the widely available information that Sativex is a whole plant extract, our drugs minister, the man who really should know these things is mired in ignorance. He’s bought the propaganda. He can’t accept that Sativex is simply an extraordinarily expensive liquid form of cannabis with a little added peppermint oil.

I’m being generous to Norman because he is a liberal, he has said sensible things in the past and my impression is that he’s a decent man. The alternative to him being incompetent, badly informed and ignorant is that he’s corrupt, dishonest and engaged in malevolent policies that actually cause harm to the British people – and I don’t want to believe that is the truth.