12 Sep Fascinating Facts About The Sativex Rip Off

Sativex with cannabis leaf

I spent some time on some sums today. Recently, I have been meeting with a number of members of the CLEAR medicinal users panel and their MPs. We’re making some good progress and I was asked to prepare a briefing document for members of the Home Affairs select committee.

I have been analysing the cost differences between Sativex, street cannabis and Bedrocan products and the results are quite staggering.

The first thing to note is that Bedrocan products, produced to the very highest standard “…guaranteed free of pesticides and heavy metals… purged of any micro organisms” are now cheaper than the moonshine weed on sale on the streets of Britain. This is a shameful demonstration of how criminal markets work under prohibition.

Another important point to make is that if you smoke cannabis a large proportion of the THC and CBD will be burned off and lost. I expect there is some research somewhere that quantifies that. With Sativex a far higher proportion will be absorbed into your bloodstream. Nevertheless, these comparisons are perfectly fair and they show just what a dreadful, scandalous, exploitative enterprise GW Pharmaceuticals is engaged in.

I’ve had to make some assumptions here. I’ve worked on the basis that street cannabis has 12% THC content and no CBD and that it sells at £15.00 per gram. Of course the huge elephant in the room is if you grow your own in which case, if you’re doing it well, the cost is going to be pennies and the quality is going to be through the roof. Also I’ve looked at Bedrocan, the company’s high THC product and Bediol, the high CBD product. Bedrocan products come in 5 g packs.

The only advantage Sativex offers is a high proportion of CBD but as this is the least expensive of all cannabinoids, it’s not really significant. You could top up your CBD levels with leaves that are normally thrown away or even industrial hemp.

THC content

CBD content


Equivalent THC

Equivalent CBD

Equivalent cost

Sativex pack (3 bottles)







Street cannabis (per gram)




(7g) 840mg

(7g) 0g


Bedrocan (per gram)




(5g) 950mg

(5g) 50mg


Bediol (per gram




(15g) 900mg

(15g) 1125mg


So draw your own conclusions. The truth is clear.