27 Dec Feminine Energy and Marijuana

Sarah A. Newton

Profile of an American campaigner

When I was ten years old I first tried marijuana. At age 12 I began to use it to help my sleep deprivation because I noticed how well I slept when I had tried it before. The doctors encouraged my parents to put me on all kinds of medications for sleep deprivation, depression, and anger. What they failed to see was that I was just a kid that had a lot on her mind and a lot of anger towards authority for treating me like a stupid kid and trying to numb me with pills. This marked the beginning of an inevitable journey on the path to fight for civil justice and freedom of persecution from marijuana laws.

Campaign USAI joined the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) when I was in high school. By college, I somehow ended up preaching about our rights for marijuana wherever I went. All my philosophy and English classes turned into opportunities to learn more about marijuana and write my convictions into papers that my professors and peers were forced to read.

Campaign USA 2Sophomore year in college (English translation = second year) I came across an ad in High Times Magazine for a new contest called, “The Miss High Times Pageant”. The current month’s winner was an unintelligible, scantily clad dressed woman with marijuana leaves covering her nipples and stupid quotes spewing from her mouth. I knew at that exact moment that I was meant to win the contest and use the opportunity to really get involved in the marijuana movement, use my voice to inspire change, and encourage women to use their powers to help the progress of one of our generation’s biggest movement.

I entered the contest and was picked as Miss July of 2006. They selected 8 of us as finalists and sent us out to Negril, Jamaica for a “pageant”. We smoked, hiked up ganja mountain and through waterfalls for photo shoots, and to my pleasure, we also formed a beautiful stoner sisterhood.

By the end of the trip it didn’t seem to matter who won, we were all so stoked on being there together for something we were all so passionate about. We were more bummed that we were all separating and flying back to our own realities. But in the end, I was crowned Miss High Times 2007. I guess my ability to light a bong with my toes finally came in handy!

I knew this was a blessing bestowed upon my life and an opportunity I had to use efficiently. After the sisterhood we created in Jamaica, I knew I was supposed to reach out to my generation of women and show them that we have a roaring goddess within us all, a power to positively effect the world if we want to, and that we should speak out about what we believe in and do it with class.

Immediately after the pageant a huge influx of radio and television interviews started coming my way and before I knew it I was being flown to New York to be on the Howard Stern Show.


I also started using these interviews, marijuana related events, cannabis cups, and rallies I was being invited to as an opportunity to start up my ventures into public speaking and use the power of the mic to really reach the women out there because there were surprisingly low numbers of women involved in the movement. This inspired me to help start up the first NORML chapter at Texas A&M University where we had a majority of female members.

Since the beginning of my involvement with High Times there have been five Miss High Times winners and I am still close to them all. Most of the women that get involved understand the importance of a tribe of women, a sisterhood, and its ability to instil strength in our cause and solutions to the problems we are all facing, wherever in the world we may be living.

Marijuana is something that women in particular inherently have a strong connection to. Marijuana is a female plant, she is living and breathing, she needs water, nutrients, sunshine, and love, just like all of us women do. She is complex and testy if you move her out of her habitat, out of her comfort zone. And right now we are fighting for her right to coexist with us, to help heal our sick, to numb our pains, to relieve us of stress, anxiety, and PMS.

Varieties in jarsAs women who have fought throughout history to keep our place in this world, we should empathize with the marijuana plant. We should help her as she has continued to help humankind for centuries and will be able to continue to if we bring forth our knowledge, our compassionate hearts, and our incredible strength as a powerful tribe of women, and fight for her.

The only time that exists is NOW, in this very moment. The time to be an empowered, productive member of society and contribute to the policies you are living with is now. The time to work together to bring forth justice for our generation and those to follow is now. It’s our time as women to come together, it’s the time of divine feminine energy and we must use our energy to the fullest. We are smart, articulate, creative, convincing, and passionate women and we can make a huge difference in this world, but we have to come out of the woodwork first and collect our roots so we can grow strong and branch out to reach others.

Miss High Times

May all of you women out there find the divine power within and without you and use it for the betterment of this world, for the advancement of the marijuana movement, and for the freeing of a beautiful plant.

You alone are a strong force. You plus ten thousand other women by your side is an unstoppable force. 🙂

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