01 Dec Flowermate Vapormax V5.0S Vapouriser Review

Flowermate v5

I like the Flowermate but like all vapourisers it’s not quite as straightforward as that. I can quite understand why many people don’t get on with them and particularly not these small, hand-held devices. Table-top or hand-held, they all require patience and practice before they produce an effective result.

The Volcano defines what a cannabis vapouriser should be but at nearly £400.00 it’s out of reach of most people. Just over a year ago I found a far less expensive alternative. It’s not quite as good but the Arizer Extreme Q is well worth the £170 it costs. It pays for itself in just a few months because it is so much more economical than smoking and that’s without considering the health benefits and how much more pleasant is the effect of cannabis vapour than cannabis smoke. Mind you, for the first week I was convinced I’d wasted my money until I finally began to ‘get the knack’.

The Flowermate is the first hand-held vape I’ve given any time to. I knew it would take a while to learn, so I deliberately left my Extreme Q at home on my last week-long business trip and took the Flowermate instead. Happily it works well and although I still enjoy a tobacco-free joint, I didn’t feel that I had to smoke in order to get any satisfaction. In fact, it’s incredibly economical and one joint’s worth of weed would probably keep the Flowermate going for a whole evening.

The V5.0S differs from the V5 in that it provides three heat settings: 196 C; 204 C; 212 C. The V5.0 only operates at 196 C.

I quickly formed the opinion that the first setting is too low and I found far better results from the middle setting. However, in my Extreme Q I use 210 C as a base setting and move up to 230 C to finish. Of course, you can’t really know how the temperatures compare or where in the air path they are being measured. You really have to experiment and make your own mind up.

You need to pull long, slow and gently to get the best out of it. At first you may feel you’re not inhaling anything, the vapour won’t become apparent until you’ve pulled on it two or three times. Probably the first thing you’ll notice, depending on what you’ve loaded, is the most delicious taste. I do think the Flowermate has probably provided the best flavour I have ever experienced. With sun grown Double Berry it is truly gorgeous.

Shortly afterwards you’ll be high. Remember you’re not getting that brain cell-killing hit of carbon monoxide that you get, even from a tobacco free joint. Many of us have been conditioned to believe that is the hit but it isn’t. I gave up tobacco several years ago. If you appreciate the difference between a tobacco and tobacco-free joint then moving to combustion-free with a vapouriser is the same again.

Loading the bowl or chamber is tricky. The weed needs to be more finely ground than in a joint or a table top vape. The crucial thing is not to overfill it. That is the most important piece of advice I can give. Either tip in the weed with a piece of folded card or add a couple of pinches with thumb and finger. Don’t press it down but you can stir it gently just to make sure it settles.

Volcano Vapouriser

Volcano Vapouriser

Flowermate v5 flat

FLowermate V5

The ceramic chamber does work well. It seems to produce an even heat, not just from a single source, so when you tap out the used weed it’s all evenly brown and there’s no sign of burning.

Quality is pretty good. It’s not quite as robust as it first seems. Both the sliding cover pieces fell off within a couple of days and one occasion the button jammed. The only way to free it was a very sharp tap. I was lucky, it didn’t break and now works perfectly again.

So all in all, I would recommend the Flowermate. I strongly suggest that you buy it from a reputable retailer though. At around £80 you want to be sure that if anything does go wrong you can get it replaced.


Arizer Extreme Q Vapouriser