05 Dec Flowermate Vapormax V8 Vapouriser Review

flowermate V8I’m a newbie to the vape scene. Having given up tobacco just over six months ago, I’ve been resorting to an array of different pipes, all of which provide the thick, acrid smoke joint smokers are used to, albeit without the accustomed nicotine/carbon monoxide rush.

I bought the Arizer Solo and whilst it provided a different smoking experience, it never became my administration method of choice because it didn’t pack enough punch.

So I was somewhat skeptical when offered the chance to review the Flowermate V8.

However, this vapouriser converted me! The benefits of vapourisation are clear – you inhale no nasty by-products from oxidisation, only the good stuff. And with the Flowermate V8 you really get the good stuff in a nice thick punch with unrivaled clarity of taste.

The key seems to be getting the material to heat consistently and evenly throughout the whole smoking period (around 6 minutes). The Flowermate V8’s ceramic vape chamber achieves that immaculately, provided you don’t overfill it. Loading it, by slickly sliding open the bottom cover, is a pleasure in itself, with aid of the included loading/cleaning utensil.

Once loaded, it sits in your hand perfectly. Rather enigmatically, you have to click the ‘On/Off’ button five times to turn it on. The LED display lights up, showing you the actual temperature and the set temperature. You use the up and down buttons to adjust to the desired temperature (my preference is 185C for starters – up to 230C, minimum 40C) and watch how the temperature shoots up almost instantly. Within 30 seconds you’re ready to go.

The novice will make a fool of himself if taking a deep inhale, akin to a smoker toking a cigar. The vape is thick, complete and full of taste. It takes a few measured, experimental tokes to get a hang of it, but I guess that’s the same with any new device. Eventually, you’ll be compelled to turn the temperature up to make sure all your material has been vaped. I still have a few more experimental times ahead of perfecting the art.

The high is exceptionally clear and the good taste and smell linger throughout the whole smoking experience, unlike with pipes. And being the engineered product it is, the act of vaping has become sophistication… no more fiddling around with lighters and covering the bowl to prevent the smoke from escaping.

Its one technical deficiency is the fact that the Flowermate V8 falls asleep after around 6 minutes. It cools down almost immediately and waking it up by pressing one of the buttons only lights up the LED screen and not the heating mechanism. You have to turn the whole thing off (yes, by pressing the ‘On/Off’ button five times) and on again. However, I wouldn’t let this programming error, which no doubt will be rectified imminently, detract from its technical competency.

Considering it’s quite a sizable handheld vapouriser, you’d expect the battery to last. It doesn’t disappoint. Charged within 3 hours, you’ll see it working for a few long evenings before having to recharge. Equally, you’ll find you won’t have to reload the ceramic chamber much, even though it’s quite small. The Flowermate V8 is very efficient.

Technically the Flowermate V8 is well made and would probably survive a fall on the floor. Its glass mouthtube fits snugly into the body when not in use, and comes with a spare. You need fingernails to get it out though. Also included are two cleaning utensils – well designed – one for the mouthtube and one for the ceramic vape chamber.

I’ve been using it for around two weeks now, and I don’t think I’ll be going back to my pipes. The taste is sweeter, the high greater and it’s already become my right hand friend. Thanks to the Flowermate v8 I’m converted to the world of vaping.

Retails for the very decent price of £129 on amazon.co.uk

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