21 Feb Frantic Rearguard Action From Kathy Gyngell, Queen Of The Prohibitionists

Kathy Gyngell, Queen of the Prohibitionsts

Kathy Gyngell, Queen of the Prohibitionsts

Daily Telegraph, 18th July 2013

Daily Telegraph, 18th July 2013

Dr Nils Braakmann

Dr Nils Braakmann

Kathy Gyngell launched a new offensive in the war on drugs in a classic ‘ProHo’ rant in The Guardian yesterday.

She starts:

“Legalising drugs would bring not freedom but enslavement. Pro-drug liberals are blind to the side-effects of their theories. Most parents do not want their children exposed to such an experiment.”

Of course, drugs were not prohibited until around the beginning of the 20th century. The ‘experiment’ has been the last 100 years and it has been a disaster, particularly for our children. The harder that prohibition has been imposed the greater harm it has caused and the more that drug use has risen. The latest effect is the explosion in legal highs, the direct result of the ideas that Gyngell espouses. We need to rescue our children from this idiotic, guaranteed-to-fail policy of prohibition.

She goes on:

“This is what drugs’ legalisation is about: a war over fundamental values. It is not a battle about basic freedoms – far from it. Drugs enslave.”

Drugs don’t enslave. Other people, who, like Gyngell, believe they know best, try to enforce their will on others. That is slavery.

Gyngell is right that many of the costs and benefits of a change in policy are unknown. However, we know very well the £350 billion that present policy has diverted into a worldwide criminal market with all the horrific consequences in every country and at all levels of our society.

Then we reach the classic Kathy Gyngell tactic: bare faced misinformation. She claims that:

“Brixton’s cannabis decriminalisation experiment [led to an] immediate rises in consumption of 25% and 30%.”

This is entirely false. Famously, the researcher, Nils Braakmann of Newcastle University whose work was brazenly misrepresented by the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph, spoke up against their reports. Dr Braakmaan supported CLEAR’s Press Complaints Commission complaints and we secured corrections published in the newspapers. Obviously, Gyngell knows this but she uses these false reports deliberately to misinform and mislead. This is her usual pattern of behaviour and underlines the lack of evidence and dishonesty that is inherent in her position.

The remainder of her rant consists of tired old reefer madness scaremongering. She misquotes, distorts and yet again publishes blatant untruths such as the claim that medical marijuana legislation in the US has increased teenage use. The truth is precisely the opposite. None of Gyngell’s claims are supported and all are contradicted by scientific evidence.

Those who have sold themselves to the great immoral evil that is prohibition must eventually pay the piper. Ms Gyngell and her ilk see the writing on the wall. The war on drugs is lost and the people won.

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