05 Mar Goldsack Must Go

The brutal oaf that is Judge Alan Goldsack acted deliberately in defiance of the new Sentencing Council guidelines on Friday when he sent six men to jail for growing cannabis, despite the prosecution accepting that it was for personal use.

The story is reported with glee by the Daily Mail here.

Goldsack is an arrogant, misguided, out of control monster. I have sent the following letter to every national newspaper and the Sheffield local press.


On Friday, Judge Alan Goldsack, the Recorder of Sheffield, in deliberate defiance of the new Sentencing Council guidelines, sent six men to jail for growing cannabis even though the prosecution accepted that it had been for personal use only.

He explicitly rejected the new guidelines saying that he preferred guidance from the Appeal Court from early 2011. The Coroners and Justice Act 2009 obligates judges to follow sentencing guidelines.

Judge Goldsack has been grandstanding on the cannabis issue for some months. Last autumn, he vowed to send anyone growing cannabis to jail whatever the circumstances, even if it was for medicinal use.. He has repeatedly demonstrated a deep seated prejudice, a complete absence of any scientific understanding about cannabis and a preference for an attitude that comes straight out of the pages of the Daily Mail.

Quite clearly this man is not fit to sit in judgment over anyone else when he defies the due process that has led to the Sentencing Council guidelines. Whilst those sentenced have broken the law, so has Judge Goldsack. He is guilty of unlawful imprisonment exactly as if he had abducted and locked these men up in some madcap personal vendetta. His arrogance is breathtaking. His misconduct is with malice aforethought. His behaviour is what we expect from the judiciary of Iran or Syria. He is an out of control, crazed monster.

His sentences must be overturned on appeal so he enjoys his “braggadocio” at vast expense to the taxpayer.

Over and above all of this he has breached his oath to the Queen in which he promised to exercise mercy. His actions are precisely the reverse of justice.

Peter Reynolds
Cannabis Law Reform