13 Jun Gordon Brown Admits He Bullied The Cabinet To Reclassify Cannabis Against Scientific Advice

“Were policies such as the u-turn on casinos, reclassification

of cannabis and the retreat on 24-hour drinking attempts to

appease the Daily Mail in your view?”

“No. If you look at each one of these individual issues — and I

don’t want to bore you with them— I personally have strong

opinions, as an individual, about the evil of excessive gambling.

I thought that the 24-hour licensing was causing us problems,

and on cannabis, you know, I don’t hold what is probably the

more conventional view about the effects of soft drugs, so I was

against the reclassification of cannabis and in fact we reclassified

it back. These are views that I hold personally and I hold them

quite strongly and I may say that probably I used my position

to persuade members of the government who were not as keen

on that policy as I was.”

Source: The Leveson Inquiry transcript