24 Jan GW Pharmaceuticals And The UK Home Office – Corruption On A Grand Scale

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GW Pharmaceuticals is engaged in a corrupt relationship with the British government. It has been granted an unlawful monopoly of medicinal cannabis and is now selling its super-strong, super concentrated 51% THC skunk concentrate Sativex at 10 times the price that organised crime sells cannabis for on the streets.

Freedom of information requests and licensing applications from other businesses are all refused out of hand. The Home Office is intent on unlawful and corrupt protection of GW’s commercial interests.

GW sells one 10ml bottle of Sativex to the NHS for around £175. Pharmacologically identical products are available in medical marijuana dispensaries in the US at around $20 for a 50ml bottle.

Meanwhile, GW’s cronies in the Home Office maintain and promote the lie that there “is no medicinal value” in cannabis. When health authorities refuse to fund GW’s extortionate prices and sick people grow their own plants, virtually for free, the Home Office steps in with its cruel, corrupt and cowardly policy and sends them to jail.

GW and the Home Office also conspire to deceive that Sativex contains only THC and CBD in order falsely to distinguish it from cannabis. In fact, it is an whole plant extract containing all the 100+ cannabinoids, terpines, flavonoids and other compounds that occurr naturally in the plant. Sativex IS cannabis.

GW, its hired doctors and nurses and the Home Office also promote the lie that Sativex does “not produce the euphoria associated with recreational cannabis”. Yet in the Sativex summary of product characteristics (SPC), a statutory document, “euphoric mood” is described as a “common” side effect.

This is corruption, falsehood and organised, systematic deceit of the British people on a grand scale.