05 Jul HASC Announces International Conference On Drug Policy

The Home Affairs select committee is to hold a half-day conference on drug policy in the Houses of Parliament on 10th September 2012. Peter Reynolds has been invited to represent CLEAR.

The conference will consider the challenges faced by countries which are directly affected by UK drug policy decisions. The outcomes will also feed into the current HASC drugs inquiry.

Topics which are likely to be discussed include:

  • · The importance of a global drug policy;
  • · If the assistance currently provided to source and transit countries meets their needs;
  • · Whether international aid could be used to improve infrastructure and combat the corruption associated with the drug trade;
  • · Whether there ought to be a global debate on the decriminalisation of drug use;
  • · The value of drug education in preventing drugs misuse; and
  • · The changing nature of drugs misuse by young people and whether services are able to cope with the differing demands of the various generations of addicts.

This is an excellent opportunity for me to represent CLEAR and influence policy.