18 Oct Heavy Handed Essex Police. A Miscarriage Of Two Children And Justice

Back Garden Cannabis

Back in the summer, at the end of August, Essex Police launched a raid against a family home in Leigh, Essex. They found just five plants growing in the garden.

It wasn’t some sophisticated production system under lights, designed to pump out regular crops of high quality weed for sale at a profit. It was just a hardworking man, laying bricks during the week to support his family and tending a few plants in his garden over the weekend.

Leon Childs

Leon Childs and his girlfriend were arrested and taken into custody. While held in a cell his girlfriend became so stressed that she went into premature labour and lost the twins that she was carrying.

She has never been charged with anything. She and her children are entirely innocent.

Leon was paying the mortgage for the family home from money he earned as a bricklayer. The house was in his girlfriend’s name and they were planning a life together with their twins.

It is reported that police also discovered 240g of cannabis in 18 separate bags which Leon admitted he had bought from a dealer and was planning to sell on at a profit to support his “£60 a day habit”.

How Leon ever came to make such a statement is difficult to understand. If he was provided with competent legal advice then it is impossible to understand. It reeks of improper conduct or dishonest evidence.

Tragically and brutally, to compound the family’s grief, Leon was sentenced to 12 months in prison, a sentence so disproportionate and outside the Sentencing Council guidelines as to be absurd.

Judge Jonathan Black has breached his oath to the Queen to show mercy and disgraced his country by passing such a sentence. He is wholly, unforgivably, monstrously wrong!

Essex Police Against Families

Grave concern also hangs over Essex Police, which seems to demonstrate repeated, heavy handed and disproportionate violence over trivial cannabis offences. Just last month Channel 5’s ‘Frontline Police‘ showed a gang of officers in riot gear making violent entry to a peaceful family home with children screaming and crying in the background. In the end the person concerned was given a community sentence for possession of a small amount of cannabis.

Meanwhile, Leon Childs sits alone his cell. His girlfriend sits alone at home. Both grieve their unborn children, murdered by wild and reckless action in support of an immoral, irrational and science-denying law.

Who will take responsibilty for this? David Cameron, Theresa May, Chief Constable Jim Barker-McCardle – what do you have to say?