01 Dec Heroes Of The Cannabis Campaign

jamie and georgeBoth Jamie Watling and George Hutchings are pioneers in a battle for the right to treat their medical conditions as their doctors have recommended. Both have been prescribed Bedrocan medicinal cannabis by their doctors. Jamie by his GP, George by a consultant physician at his local NHS hospital.

Jamie first went to Holland to fill his prescription in September 2013. He returned via Southend airport and openly declared his medicine at customs. He was allowed to proceed. Shortly thereafter the police arrived early one morning at his home in Romford. On producing his prescription they left with no further action taken. He has been overflown by the police helicopter since, presumably seeking a heat signature on suspicion that he is growing cannabis. On one occasion the helicopter flew so low that Jamie was able to make eye contact with the pilot from his first floor window. Jamie returned to Holland for a repeat prescription in early November and once again returned home safely.

George went to Holland in late November having made arrangements with a pharmacy in Amsterdam to fill his prescription. In a last minute hitch, the pharmacy asked for his UK prescription to be countersigned by a Dutch doctor. In fact he obtained a second prescription from a Dutch doctor and was duly dispensed his medicine. George flew back in to Southampton airport where he too declared his medicine, actually seeking out a Border Agency officer in order to do so. George’s medicine was confiscated.

This is a battle for human rights, dignity and freedom against oppressive state interference in medical care. Both Jamie and George have declared that they are acting not just for themselves but for the hundreds of thousands of others in Britain who a denied access to cannabis as medicine by a cruel, irrational and deeply corrupt UK government policy. To the everlasting shame of government ministers, it is legal to possess the massively expensive medicinal cannabis under the brand name Sativex but not the far less costly, safer and more effective EU-approved Bedrocan.

CLEAR is supporting George Hutchings in appealing against the confiscation of his medicine. We will also be launching legal action to challenge the government’s policy.

These two men are true heroes, fighting not just for themselves but for others, putting their safety, health and freedom on the line to expose the cruelty of this terrible denial of access to medicine. I salute them both.

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