15 Mar How Can An Elected Police Commissioner Be So Ignorant About Cannabis?

Matthew Grove.  Humberside Police And Crime Commissioner.

Matthew Grove. Humberside Police And Crime Commissioner.

Matthew Grove, the Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner, says campaigners calling for the legalisation of cannabis are living in “cloud cuckoo land”. He went on to say that there would be no liberalisation of police tactics “on his watch” and that cannabis was the source of “widespread misery” in many parts of his force area. Source: BBC

It is astonishing that an elected official, who should have at least a basic knowledge of the subject he is responsible for, can display such ignorance and crass prejudice.

Grove should remember who pays his wages and that around 5% of the 920,000 residents of his area will be regular users of cannabis. That’s 46,000 people of which at least 15,000 will be using it for medicinal reasons. I wonder what they think of his arrogance and evident lack of knowledge? More than 300,000 people in his area will use cannabis at some time in their life. Does Grove have any awareness at all of the worldwide revolution that is taking place in cannabis policy? When will he catch up with the fact that the British people have been systematically misled and misinformed about cannabis for the last 80 years?

Does Grove want to continue to be part of the problem or does he want to educate himself and adopt some wise and progressive polices which will improve the lives of the people he is responsible to?

Grove says in his Police and Crime Plan that his number one priority is reducing crime. He says he wants to “protect the public from serious harm, improve public safety and catch criminals, particularly those who do the most harm to our communities.”

Hardworking Police Officers Deserve Intelligent Leadership. Hardworking Police Officers Deserve Intelligent Leadership.

How and why can he think that wasting resources on persecuting cannabis users will advance these goals?

Of course, Grove is entitled to his personal opinion but he is not entitled to base his policies on false and misleading propaganda. The idea that cannabis causes “widespread misery” is simply a lie, constructed to support his prejudice. I challenge him to provide any evidence at all to support it.

The people of Humberside and the decent, well-intentioned police officers in the area deserve better than this. Grove can either open his eyes and base his polices on evidence or he can go down in history as a dinosaur.