26 Jun If You Have Cash For The Cannabis Campaign, Don’t Waste It!

Money is tight for everyone but if you want to help advance the cannabis campaign then please give some cash, however little, to CLEAR.

What we do costs money. Mostly it takes time and all of that is given free, not just by those on the executive committee but by many others who you don’t hear about. There are many brave souls working for CLEAR on design, leaflet distribution and as comment warriors. Many have been subject to most appalling personal abuse and threats from those who try to sabotage our work. They are heroes in the war on prohibition.

We still need cash though, to pay website costs, print leaflets, stickers and to pay for postage, telephone and internet costs and travelling expenses – essential if we are to take the message to the streets. We are planning more dates for the Cannabis Truth roadshow in the late summer and early autumn. We can only do this if we raise the necessary funding.

If you’re going to put any of your cash into the cannabis campaign,then make sure you spend it wisely!

CLEAR will not spend your money on social events for cannabis users, nor on preaching to the converted, nor on any inward looking, “counterculture” propaganda. Our focus is exclusively on taking effective action to end the prohibition of cannabis. Our primary concern is with non-cannabis users and people whose minds we need to change. It is easy to get cheers from the choir.

It’s your cash so treat it like a business investment.

Which group has achieved more than any other in the recent past? Which group has transformed the campaign onto a new level of professionalism and credibility? Which group has set a new standard on the web, in print, in communicating with government and the media, in holding the press to account, in advancing an evidence-based argument as never before?

The answer, of course, is CLEAR. We have elevated the whole cannabis campaign. Before CLEAR there was only a rather embarrassing “protest” movement. Now, in Britain the arguments in favour of cannabis are being discussed on a serious basis. CLEAR has revolutionised the debate.

As an officially registered political party, CLEAR is the only group subject to proper regulation and control by the Electoral Commission. Any other group is just a private company or business that can do whatever it wants with your money. Whatever smears or false allegations are made against CLEAR you can have absolute confidence that our affairs are properly regulated and above board.

Se we need your support! If you’re not already a member then please join and when you do add as big a donation as you can. If you are already a member then please send us a tenner each month, or just a fiver when you can. CLEAR will use it to the very best effect. We won’t waste your money or your time. Look at our record. Look at the facts. The truth about cannabis is CLEAR!

Sign up for membership or donate here.

Membership fees will be increased to £10.00 per annum, £5.00 for concessions, from 1st September 2012.