20 May Ignorant Doctors Bring Shame On Their Profession With Foolish Words on Cannabis

What is it in these British Isles that has resulted in a medical establishment that uses prejudice, scaremongering and specious argument to object to the medical use of cannabis?

The astonishing ignorance that pervades the medical profession on this subject is demonstrated once again by a ridiculous letter in today’s Irish Times. In a display of hubris, arrogance and plain stupidity, these people who assume they are due our respect, have conflated the issues of medical and recreational use in the most destructive and confusing way. These doctors are fundamentally failing in their duty to ‘do no harm’ both in undermining progress towards use of cannabis as medicine and in not providing this medicine to their patients immediately.

The sheer stupidity of the argument advanced by these doctors is breathtaking. They object to progress towards medical availablility by promoting the old chestnut of cannabis in recreational use causing psychosis. Their point is entirely irrelevant, it has nothing to do with medical use. It is no different from denying morphine to patients to control the most severe pain, following an operation, severe injury or at end-of-life, because some people use heroin as a recreational drug. It is a shameful, illogical, irrational and deeply cruel argument that shoud rest heavily on these doctors’ consciences.

And the psychosis argument is nothing but scaremongering anyway. The evidence clearly shows that the risk of cannabis use correlating with a diagnosis of psychosis is one in 20,000. As the National Geographic reports, the risk of being struck by lightning in one’s lifetime is merely one in 3,000.

The letter then descends into further evidence-free scaremongering, again totally irrelevant to the use of cannabis as medicine. The risks of cannabis are vastly and dishonestly exaggerated by doctors who clearly have no real idea what they are putting their names to.

It’s a disgrace that this letter has been composed and submitted to the Irish Times and the doctors’ new campaign group, the Cannabis Risk Alliance, is a fraud.

Shame on these quacks who have brought their profession into disrepute and stand in the way of providing proper medical care to their patients. This must be the final nail in the coffin of unquestioning respect and belief in doctors. They have shown beyond doubt that they do not deserve to be held in such high regard.


  • Wendy Goodwin

    10 years ago GWP researcher admitted much against the thoughts that cannabis causes psychosis infact it can be used to treat psychosis.Why is it that “stoners” know more about it than doctors? Why don’t they do the free “taomc.org”?

  • ukcia

    They do much worse than just conflate recreational and medicinal use, they misrepresent the whole level of danger from all cannabis use because they base their claims – in so much as any of them are true – on recreational use of cannabis supplied by the black market and used in an “underground”, secretive way.

    Nothing on earth is “safe”. but anything supplied by an illegal economy of uncertain strength, potency and purity which is used to excess without any form of guidance is always going to maximise the potential for harm. If we were to treat alcohol in the same prohibitionist way we treat cannabis there would be dead bodies in the gutters. That cannabis remains as safe as it does under prohibition shows how deliberately exaggerated and distorted these claims are.

    The name of this outfit, the “Cannabis Risk Alliance”, is a clue to their purpose in life, it’s a pure prohibition campaign, designed to scare,