28 Mar I’m Inspired By Your Work!

Thank you.

I am humbled and grateful to you for your submissions to the Home Affairs committee. It is a magnificent effort. CLEAR’s name and evidence is prominent in the written evidence published by the committee this week.

I am not even half way through the 731 pages yet but I am so proud of the work we have done.

If the committee had to reach verdict on the evidence alone then we would have a unanimous verdict and prohibition would be headed for the eight o’clock drop in the morning.

This is the way that we will succeed. Revolution is a ridiculous dream. We must work through the system with patience, determination and the relentless pressure of evidence.

There are many highlights, some amazingly funny caricatures and some deeply delusional individuals called Mary and Kathy but it’s guaranteed entertainment all the way, a roller coaster. You’ll experience joy, anger, surprise, even outrage and shock. Don’t miss it!