07 Jul IPCC Upholds Second CLEAR Appeal Concerning Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe

Top Cop Tells Porky Pies

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Britain’s most senior police officer, has a long record of misleading the public about cannabis.

No one can argue with his duty to enforce the law as it stands but neither he nor any police officer, public servant nor even, as we have already successfully shown, members of the judiciary, can get away with promoting falsehood and scare stories. Those whose salaries we pay to enforce the law and dispense justice fairly cannot be in the business of myths, misinformation and, let’s be direct, porky pies.

Our first complaint about Sir Bernard is here. The Mayor’s Office of Policing and Crime (MOPAC) rejected it on the basis that it was ‘fanciful‘. However, the IPCC upheld our appeal and Sir Bernard is now under investigation for misconduct.

Our second complaint about Sir Bernard is here. This time MOPAC rejected it because it was ‘repetitive‘. It said:

“The complaint is virtually identical to an earlier complaint submitted by the same complainant. This complaint relies on more recent statements by the Commissioner and to that extent is merely an extension of that original complaint.”

The IPCC writes in response:

“This is not agreed with. While the content of the complaint is similar to a previous complaint made, the allegation is regarding a different incident. Therefore, this new complaint is not repetitious…”

Good. You’d think a police officer would know that if you get caught driving whilst using your mobile twice in succession, you can’t just say you were finishing off the same conversation. Surely a second offence is more serious?

So, the bottom line is that Sir Bernard is now facing a second investigation for misconduct. He really does need to think very carefully before he opens his mouth about cannabis again!