25 Aug Irresponsible, Reckless BBC Broadcasts Dangerous Claim That So-Called ‘Skunk’ is More Harmful Than Heroin.

Louisa Philips Kulukundis. Psychotherapist at Soul Counselling, counsellor at Steps2Recovery, member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

“I would say give me a room full of heroin addicts than skunk addicts…

I remember saying to my older son I would prefer you to take heroin than to smoke skunk…

There will be generations of kids with severe mental health issues.”

Source: ‘Cannabis: Time for a Change?’ From 28:20

There is huge and justifiable righteous anger about the idiotic words spoken by this woman on the BBC Newsbeat documentary ‘Cannabis: Time for a Change?’

It would be easy to launch into a tirade against Ms Kulukundis but her words and their crass stupidity speak for themselves. I wonder how many kids, listening to her recommendation on the BBC’s ‘yoof’ channel will think ‘Well I’ve smoked weed loads of times with no trouble, now this woman who’s an expert says heroin is safer, maybe I’ll see if I can get hold of some.’

I understand that Ms Kulukundis supports the idea that cannabis with a higher proportion of CBD should be legally available instead of so-called ‘skunk’ which with zero or very little CBD dominates today’s illegal market.  She deserves credit for this and I would be very surprised if she wasn’t already regretting the very serious mistake she has made.

Ms Kulukundis does however subscribe to the falsehood that cannabis is a major cause of mental health problems.  The facts of hospital admissions and GP/community health service treatment prove this is not the case.  While we shouldn’t turn away from protecting those very few people who can be vulnerable, it is about time that the media started reporting accurately instead of the gross distortions and misrepresentation seen recently, particularly from the brazenly dishonest and ‘fake news’ Daily Telegraph.

Far, far more serious and the place where responsibility really lies for this broadcast is with the BBC.  Its negligence in allowing these words to be broadcast is unforgivable and CLEAR is pursuing a complaint.  The BBC’s complaints procedure is of course notorious for its determination to brush aside viewers’ concerns with anodyne responses that mean nothing. Many don’t realise that until you get to stage three you’re not even communicating with the BBC but with Capita to whom it outsources its complaints handling.  We will pursue this complaint until it reaches the BBC Editorial Complaints Unit and if necessary we will appeal it to OFCOM which, with the demise of the BBC Trust, is now the independent regulator.

It is a shame that the BBC has spoiled what is a clear shift in its position on cannabis.  Instead of mindless obedience to the government’s bad science and propaganda it is now recognising that reform is the only rational way forward.  As usual its coverage is dominated by stereotypical caricatures of what it regards as cannabis users.  It still seems incapable of recognising that most of the three million regular cannabis consumers in the UK are not relics of the hippy era but hardworking people with families and ‘ordinary’ lifestyles.  It also allowed its debate programme ‘Newsbeat Debates. Legalising Cannabis’ to be dominated by the ‘Gateway Theory’, an idea comprehensively disproven many times over, which even our prohibitionist government recognises is invalid.  What is the point of debate if it is hijacked by misinformation and not informed by science and evidence?

The BBC should take the initiative in apologising, correcting and broadcasting a full explanation of why Ms Kulukundis’ claim is scientifically inaccurate and extremely dangerous. Sadly, it will almost certainly have to be dragged kicking and screaming to provide any meaningful response at all.

  • Philip Wood

    actually stunned to hear her words..totally irresponsible ..so now kids will think heroine is ok..i would rather my daughter was found to have cannabis in her system (a benign benificial plant ) than a very dangerous and addictive drug like heroine..shame on her..someone that should do some research i think..

  • Hugh Anderson

    it seems to be an issue of the UK media not loosing face and being exposed as hypocritical. Over time ‘new science / evidence’ will ‘reveal’ how harmless cannabis is. The tedious irony is that those who have been campaigning for reppealing/ decriminalising / legalising and those in support of the evidence won’t barely get any recognition.
    I’m fascinated to know of the outcome of legalisation.
    Pro-activists would maintain prior to legalisation that an increase in use wouldn’t happen but as the benefits of cannabis become more widely known, it wouldn’t shock me if cannabis became ‘the next big thing’. Tbh medicating many ailments and illnesses may be just the tip of the iceberg.

    Is there really any real money in it if homegrown cannabis is popular even while prohibited? I mean, there’s already talk of cannabis basically being a remedy for mental illness! Yet mental illness is the primary excuse for outlawing its use in the first place for God’s sake.
    Protecting ‘young developing minds’ from drugs and the damage they cause? Children are being medicated with cannabis today for a range of inflictions.
    In time revelations may lead to a revolution. I’ll patiently await my doctors’ (humble pie) wackybaccy referral, because it’s a comin’.

    • Peter Simmons

      ‘ mental illness is the primary excuse for outlawing its use in the first place’ not true, the reason why it was outlawed was commercial then as now. Then it was the fibre industry, specifically nylon and the other new plastics set to be turned into clothing, bedding etc. with hemp grown extensively across America. Now it’s big pharma which stands to lose massively as now it’s known to be an effective medicine for a range of condition pharmacuticals make big profits from. The alcohol industry is also concerned at decreaded profits from pushing their addictive poison. The claimed mental health risks are a much more recent claim, with no facts to back it up, and promoted by ‘psychiatrists’ who fear loss of power in that field. Everywhere power is threatened along with profits by this herb. Doctors hate the idea of self medicating, it threatens their specialist field if not their very existance.

      • You seem to have forgoten about ‘Reefer Madness’, Peter. Yes it was vested interests of the timber and oil industry that was behind the ban but the way they went about it was to scaremonger about madness.

        Nowadays it’s the alcohol industry that is mainly under threat. The ‘Big Pharma’ conspiracy theory is very popular but has little evidence to support it apart from the isolated instance of Insys. Pharma companies would benefit from reform whereas alcohol companies defintely wouldn’t.

    • Peter Simmons

      So far with those countries which have legalised, like Portugal, they’ve found a small but significant drop in use. No idea why that should be, but as you say, with the discoveries of new conditions it is a useful medicine for, this might change ih the future. I’m just struck ny the utter ignorance on the part of politicians in the UK, stock response to legalisation is ‘we think drugs should be controlled to reduce harms’, and a complete refusal to engage and debate. They imagine they would lose votes, being unaware of themillions who don’t bother to vote because they all sing from the same songsheet.

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  • Peter Simmons

    ‘[…] most of the three million regular cannabis consumers in the UK are not
    relics of the hippy era but hardworking people with families and
    ‘ordinary’ lifestyles’. Well, as a relic of the hippy era I resent this characterisation by people who appear to be on the side of rationality, and decry others who ‘have mindless obedience to the government’s bad science and propaganda.’I have consumed all my life, and have run my own publishing business and with my wife raised four children who are all now successful professionals. Are you still suffering from the archetypal hippy ‘Neil’ from the young Ones?
    But don’t expect anything from the BBC, it is now the Ministry of Truth, follows the government no matter what it does and is now so biased it isn’t worth watching for news, Al Jazeera and RT being far more balanced and intelligent. The creature this article is about is almost certainbly being paid by big pharma, which stands to lose massive profits once cannabis substitutes for the chemical poisons they are making ridiculous profits from; many of them prescribed to counter the side effects of other poisons. Most GPs are drug pushers for pharmaceuticals who provide handy diagnostic databases so they don’t have to think or act as doctors, just look up what big pharma recommends and print the prescription.

  • Peter Simmons

    The person with the mouth mentioned in this article is on Facebook here
    https://www.facebook.com/louisa.philipskulukundis?hc_ref=ARRL_a3vPAJQ8xSTf80C6N-UbdcpBJLjw6awkSIoq3OTjBYxlNBKbp8JvNsT-g0cQbE&fref=nf if anyone wants to engage her.