14 Mar It’s ‘Fleet Street’ That Stands In The Way Of Cannabis Law Reform

Lord Mancroft Lord Mancroft

Apparently, Cameron wants to legalise but is too scared of the press reaction.

Lord Mancroft, the Tory peer, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group On Drug Misuse, says politicans “scuttle sideways like a startled crab” as soon as the subject is mentioned. He understands Cameron. He is an Eton old boy himself. I suspect this is the truth.

Which is why I want to see the Leveson proposals implemented in full. A free press is vital but a corrupt, unregulated press is the other extreme and that is what we have now.

The cannabis campaign and the war on prohibition share the same interests as the Dowler and McCann families and all the victims of Murdoch, Dacre, the Barclay brothers and the Piers Morgan gang. The disgusting press demonisation of Christopher Jefferies is exactly what Fleet Street does to cannabis users every day.

Dacre. The Butcher Of Truth. Dacre. The Butcher Of Truth.

Of course there are honourable exceptions amongst journalists but I believe there now has to be a legally enforceable obligation not to lie, mislead or exploit and real sanctions against those that do.

I firmly believe that we can legislate to give a press regulator genuine independence from the state and the press.

So please, if you can tweet or email your MP in advance of the vital debate this coming Monday then do so. We must reject the Cameron cover-up and implement Leveson in full.

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