14 Dec It’s The Cameron And Clegg Coalition Drugs Policy!

Editorial comment from politics.co.uk

David Cameron was presented with a home affairs committee report into drugs decriminalisation this week which may have brought back memories of his misspent youth. These were the sunny days of 2002, when, as a naive young backbencher, he would spend the days aimless on its predecessor committee, talking all sorts of liberal nonsense about investigating alternatives to prohibition. Mercifully, those days are behind him. He has cut his hair, settled down and got a new house. He votes Conservative.

The home affairs committee came to the conclusion committees usually do when they survey the spectacular disaster that is the war on drugs, which is to conclude: ‘Perhaps we should change course.’ Cameron wasn’t having it. He insisted everything was absolutely fine – nothing to see here – and got on his way.

And that would have been the end of it, if it wasn’t for Clegg having one of those pesky moral consistency moments. On Monday it appeared to skip his mind that an investigatory panel on drugs was official Lib Dem policy. But by Friday he had remembered and was making a lot of noise about it. It partly doesn’t matter. Clegg’s just stating policy for the next election, which he will not win. But it does make him the most senior politician to ever call for a rethink since Britain embarked down the path of prohibition. It’s a milestone of sorts.