10 Oct It’s Time To Get Angry!

With everything that’s going on at the moment, it seems obvious to me that we’re not fighting hard enough for our rights. We’re not standing up for justice as we should be.

The iniquitous DEA crackdown on medical marijuana in the past week is appalling and completely contradicts President Obama’s assurances about respect for democratic state law.

Stephen Harper, the new quasi-fascist Canadian PM, has just introduced a bill which will make the sentence for growing more than 200 cannabis plants more severe than for child rape or forced child bestiality.

In Britain, offences involving child porn, paedophilia and under age grooming are commonly treated far more leniently than growing a few plants. Deeply prejudiced, out of touch judges are distorting science in disgustingly inaccurate and discriminatory comments in cases they are supposed to supervise with wisdom and fairness. Let me put on record the names of those British judges who, in the past six months or so have shown themselves to be unfit to preside in any cannabis case: Judge Richard Bray, Judge Nigel Thorne, Judge Alan Goldsack and Judge Christopher Plunkett.

Anyone who faces trial on a cannabis matter in front of these men will not be treated fairly. You must instruct your lawyers to object to them taking charge.

Amongst our politicians, David Cameron tells bare faced untruths and refuses to correct them. Charles Walker says cocaine is safer for children than cannabis and Anne Milton, the minister for public health, receives his comments with courtesy. The ministers in the Home Office are beneath contempt for their dishonesty and perverse administration of the law. Our health ministers are cowards who care not one jot for those who need cannabis as medicine and simply bounce enquiries back to the Home Office. Mary Brett, the promoter of the sham charity Cannabis Skunk Sense, deceives and dissembles about the COMT gene scare story, despite it being disproven again and again and again. Professor Sir Robin Murray, the rabid anti-cannabis campaigner, uses his position and qualifications to endorse false scare stories and encourage misleading propaganda.

Then what do we have from the drug reform thinktanks? More reports, more studies, different websites, more pontification about international co-operation. I am told that calling Charles Walker and Mary Brett “prohibitionist nutters” is name calling and doesn’t help. A couple of months ago I was told by another thinktank that my style is “too confrontational”!

Well I say it’s about time we got a whole lot angrier and provoked a lot more confrontation! These talking shops have a vested interest in prolonging the debate. CLEAR is a political party and we are about making change happen! Not after another report and another study and another couple of conferences on expenses, funded by our worthy sponsors. We want to see reform now! We want to see an end to injustice now, not when we’ve dabbled and debated and discussed for years longer.

That’s why we need your support. We need your money. Democracy is no longer free in Britain. All sorts of financial obstacles are placed in our way. CLEAR needs donations now to continue the campaign, to take the Cannabis Truth roadshow all over the country.

We need a portable PA system. We need a budget of around £300 for each roadshow venue, for travelling and overnight stays. We need funding to print more leaflets, stickers, to get a T-shirt and merchandise business underway.

In return I promise you that CLEAR is not going to retreat. We are not going to be subjugated, neither by the prohibitionists nor by the appeasers who pretend to be on our side but instead work for their own self-serving interests. With your support we are moving towards a campaign of direct action that will overturn the inertia that so many buy into.

Think Greenpeace and responsible if dramatic protest combined with remorseless action through the courts. This is where CLEAR is going with your help. Please go to the CLEAR home page and click on the donate button now!