22 Apr Jason Harrow. My Experience With HempMedsPX Real Scientific Hemp Oil

Jason Harrow is a member of the CLEAR medicinal users panel.

Jason Harrow is a member of the CLEAR medicinal users panel.

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Over a year ago I was forced out of my house by the change in the benefit system. This meant I was forced away from my doctor who had been treating me for a number of years and who actually supported my self-medication with cannabis. She prescribed me Sativex privately when I could afford it and was seriously considering writing me a prescription for Bedrocan products just before I was forced to move. I’m now living in an area where no doctor I see is even willing to discuss cannabis let alone prescribe me Sativex or Bedrocan.

My faith in doctors is almost non existent anymore as they have only made my conditions worse and have even created new ones for me (colitis) by poisoning my body with dangerous synthetic drugs. I now refuse all drugs and steroids they offer me because we as humans are not designed to ingest any synthetic chemical of any type. It’s all poison to us.

So I always will look for natures alternative and try that now, especially as since I have made the decision to take responsibility for my health, it has only improved… the opposite to what most of the doctors were/are doing for me.

I’ve known for quite some time that CBD rich products are legal in nearly all of the USA and CBD is exactly what my body needs to have a chance to heal itself by feeding my endocannabinoid system. I decided to search for seeds and or oil/products in the uk that were below the required 0.2% THC (which is what makes the product legal to grow) but high in CBD in order to try to treat my colitis symptoms. (I have many other issues but this is the most life changing and threatening if it isn’t treated properly).


I failed to find any seeds but did find a person who had purchased some of the American RSHO CBD oil product that I had been looking at and they were in the UK.


They had purchased the product for a cancer victim who had decided not to use it. They were trying to sell what was left on eBay. After requesting the seller send me all correspondence between themselves and the company, invoices and any shipment details of the product before I’d paid for it to confirm the product was genuine.

My girlfriend then purchased just over a 50 day supply at less than half the original price – which was extremely lucky as I could not have afforded the product at full price.

Now having done a lot of reading, I was under no illusions of this product getting me high or anything like that and I was fully aware that this would take a couple of weeks possibly to have any effect, if at all.

So day one I squeezed half a ml of the oil under my tongue as instructed. It tasted just like cannabis oil, very bitter but not unpleasant.

The placebo effect, at least, made me very happy for the rest of the day and the week and every time I smoked a joint the effects seemed to last slightly longer than usual, which was nice. I felt slightly calmer too.

As I continued taking the oil daily I did notice, albeit a very small amount, my general mood, stress and pain levels improved and I wasn’t the only person to notice this either.

The main benefit I noticed was the excruciating pain that I have experienced in my stomach and whole digestive system for over 12 years has improved massively. I haven’t had a flare up for a month and I can actually hear and feel my stomach digesting food which I haven’t experienced in years. I still have some pain, discomfort and bloating but before these symptoms would have me bent over in agony, in tears, daily with very little that would relieve them, even for a short while. I would have to make sure I was always within a short distance of a toilet as I would have the uncontrollable urge to release my bowels without warning, multiple times a day and I would lose a scary amount of blood almost every time as well.

I now, some days, forget I even have a stomach issue and no longer have to check the bowl every time I go to the toilet.

After my 50 day experience on this oil I can honestly say that if I could afford the £1800.00 (approx) plus any import taxes for another 60 day supply I would in a heartbeat. I honestly feel that if I could take this oil for the rest of the year I would have the best chance yet to possibly cure the colitis. I’m actually worried that my symptoms will start to return again now that I have run out as I have genuinely not felt this good within my digestive system for years..

Considering the effectiveness of this product along with the hefty price tag I have come to the conclusion that I can grow the same medicine myself for just a few pounds in my home and or garden and as long as the THC levels are below a certain point it is totally legal.

Editors note: Growing industrial hemp (<0.2% THC) requires a licence from the Home Office.