04 Jan Judges Who Display Prejudice And/Or Promote False Science About Cannabis

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“Drugs, whether heroin or cannabis resin or herbal cannabis, cause despondency, despair, degradation, addiction and crime.”

Judge David Aubrey, Liverpool Crown Court, January 2012

But even those who produce cannabis for their own use can expect a custodial sentence.”

Judge Simon Tonking, Stafford Crown Court, December 2011

(Judge Tonking had adjourned the case on condition the accused stopped taking cannabis but “taking cannabis” is not a criminal offence. The Judge clearly stepped beyond the law)

Judge Trevor Faber (artist’s impression)

”It appears to me that you have been using cannabis habitually since the early 90s and nothing has persuaded you to stop it. You will stop it now.”

(“using cannabis” is not a criminal offence. The Judge clearly stepped beyond the law)

Judge Trevor Faber, Coventry Crown Court, December 2011

Judge Ian Pearson

‘These offences are so serious that only a custodial sentence may be justified for them”

(For ONE plant!)

Judge Ian Pearson, Portsmouth Crown Court, December 2011

Judge John Potter

“There are better ways to deal with pain than by filling your body with poison like cannabis.”

Judge John Potter, Bradford Crown Court, November 2011

“Cannabis is a dangerous drug and those who bring it into existence must be punished.”

Judge Alan Goldsack, Sheffield Crown Court, September 2011

Judge Roger Thorn

“Recent research indicates one in four cannabis users will trigger psychosis because of what they are doing.”

Judge Roger Thorn, Newcastle Crown Court, May 2011

Judge Christopher Plunkett (artist’s impression)

“Anyone producing illegal drugs would always be sent to custody.”

(Mother and daughter sent to jail for 20 months each for five plants)

Judge Christopher Plunkett, Worcester Crown Court, May 2011

Judge Richard Bray

“Super-strength skunk grown in cannabis factories across the country is causing lasting mental problems for users.”

Judge Richard Bray, Northampton Crown Court, April 2011


Self-evidently, these judges are unfit to preside in any case involving cannabis because of the prejudice and/or ignorance they have so clearly demonstrated. If you face trial in front of them our advice is to instruct your solicitor to try and get the judge removed.

Please advise CLEAR of any further instances of judicial prejudice or misinformation about cannabis. We will update this page regularly.

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