08 Jan Justin Bieber, Cannabis And Self-Harm

Justin Bieber And The ‘Crime Of The Century’

A horrifying story arrived in the CLEAR newsroom today and it’s not the pathetic rubbernecking at a pubescent oik apparently caught on camera smoking a joint. I mean who, apart from some sad celebrity junkie, could be bothered that this sickly sweet young man is learning to enjoy weed?

In a truly horrendous twist on the evil of prohibition, it seems that some Bieber fans, so indoctrinated with anti-cannabis propaganda, are turning to self-harm to protest against their idol’s interest in God’s herb.

Believe it or not, the Twitter hashtag #cutforbieber is trending in the teen twittersphere and desperately misguided youngsters are cutting themselves and posting pictures online in an attempt to persuade Justin to put down his spliff.

We all know that prohibition is a great, immoral evil but this shows how deep, insidious and unscrupulous are those manipulating the propaganda and distorting the truth. In the US, Kerlikowske probably sees this as a victory and it’s right up the street of our own vile James Brokenshire. Exactly the sort of tactic of which he he would approve.