03 Dec Kate Winslet Bullied By The Daily Mail Over #breakthetaboo

Kate Winslet CBE


The disgusting Daily Mail is harassing and bullying Kate Winslet because she has lent her support to the Breaking the Taboo campaign.

It is exactly this sort of repressive bullying and intimidation from the press that has given birth to the #breakthetaboo campaign.

Surely any media outlet should be encouraging debate on this important subject? Not the Daily Mail. This is gilt edged proof that it pursues its own agenda and seeks to stifle and censor any debate which does not suit its prejudice.

This is an excellent reason to sign up to the Hacked Off petition which calls for the Leveson report to be implemented in full.

The freedom of the press is important but the power of the press needs to be properly regulated in the interests of us all. We must stop the press barons manipulating power for their own ends. Newspapers like the Daily Mail habitually distort, mislead and misuse their power. Its influence is toxic and irresponsible. It is an enemy of freedom and liberty.

Thank you Kate for your courage. You may retire with honour, wounded on the field of battle.

#breakthetaboo #breakthedailymail