27 Jul Kathy Gyngell – Addicted To Misinformation

Kathy Gyngell

CLEAR member, Nesta Adroit, has already written a passionate rebuttal of the quite disgraceful nonsense published in Addiction Today by Kathy Gyngell.

The full text of Ms Gyngell’s article was published in The Journal of Global Drug Policy And Practice. It is worth reading in order to understand the depths of deception to which this woman descends.

Some important facts need to be made known about Ms Gyngell, Addiction Today and Cannabis Skunk Sense.

Kathy Gyngell is an ex-producer of downmarket daytime TV. She now styles herself with the pretentious and misleading title of “Research Fellow” at the Centre for Policy Studies. She has no qualification or basis for any authority or expertise on cannabis except for a shameful record of publishing article after article in that epitome of inaccurate and misleading journalism, The Daily Mail. The nonsense she writes is based on prejudice and a deliberate intent to mislead. She publishes lies about cannabis and about scientific research concerning cannabis on a regular basis.

Mary Brett

Cannabis Skunk Sense is a sham charity run by Mary Brett an ex-school mistress at Dr Challoner’s High School for girls in Little Chalfont, Buckinghamshire. It is a sham charity because it has a political purpose and because it is not run for public benefit (it regularly publishes falsified scientific research). Both of these contravene charity law. CLEAR has been engaged in lengthy correspondence with the Charity Commission about Cannabis Skunk Sense for more than a year.

Addiction Today is published by a charity known as The Addiction Recovery Foundation. It had a reputation as a genuine scientific journal. That has been gravely damaged by the publication of Ms Gyngell’s article, although it is entitled to publish opinion pieces. Its reputation may, however, have been destroyed by its reference to Cannabis Skunk Sense.

I have written to Addiction Today as follows.

“Dear Sirs,

I write as the elected leader of Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR) now the largest membership-based drug reform group that Britain has ever seen.

On behalf of our members and supporters I deplore the publication of the inaccurate, misleading and scaremongering article by the notorious and mendacious Kathy Gyngell. Your refusal to accept comments and instead to direct people to the sham charity website Cannabis Skunk Sense is a disgrace and will forever damage your credibility and reputation.

Ms Gyngell has a long and shameful record of disinformation about cannabis. Cannabis Skunk Sense and its founder Mary Brett are engaged in similar, organised deception, in political campaigning in the guise of a charity and also in the blatant falsification of scientific evidence. Both of these women are charlatans of the first order and perpetrate great harm on our nation, particularly by misinforming and misleading young people.

We seek to make the truth about cannabis clear and that includes both positive and negative aspects, dangers as well as benefits. In that spirit, I invite you to take this opportunity to move back towards a balanced and rational position on the subject. We are prepared to work with you to publish a response to Ms Gyngell’s article looking in particular at the issue of cannabis dependency.

I hope you will see the sense in taking up this offer and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Reynolds