14 Sep Legal Medicinal Cannabis In Britain ACHIEVED!


Bedrobinol Prescription (ID Details Redacted)

Bedrobinol Prescription (ID Details Redacted)

This is the most joyous news that I have dreamed of writing for years. Legal access to herbal medicinal cannabis in Britain has been achieved!

Following a procedure on which we have offered advice and guidance, a CLEAR member has returned to the UK from Holland with 90g of Bedrocan medicinal cannabis which was prescribed by his UK GP. He declared the medicine at customs, all 18 tubs containing five grams each were examined, he showed the various documentation which we have obtained and he was authorised to proceed.

Clarence Clear (not his real name) is a 33 year old from just outside London who has a background working in the licensed trade. His health problems started when he was beaten up and mugged at age 13 and at age 18 he suffered a severe spinal injury. Further accidents exacerbated the problem and he now suffers from chronic pain, sciatica, degenerative spinal disease, spondylitis and spinal stenosis. Most recently he has been diagnosed with adiposis dolorosa, also known as Dercum’s disease which produces painful tumours on the spine which may spread to other parts of the body.

He has been prescribed the usual cocktail of opioids and other painkillers including fentanyl, tramadol and baclofen. He developed analgesia migraines due to the large number of painkillers he was taking and even had to undergo cranial nerve injections in his skull to try and deal with the pain. He had used cannabis occasionally in the past and discovered that it offered him enormous relief without side effects.

Fortunately, Clarence’s doctor was understanding of his cannabis use and quickly came to realise the enormous benefit it was offering him. Great credit must go to this so far unsung hero who took it on himself to investigate the options available. He determined that Sativex was not the answer, not least because of its cost and notorious post code lottery prescribing issues. Also, its very nature is to slow down absorption of cannabinoids into the system and so it cannot be as effective as vapourised or smoked cannabis. In the end, it was Clarence’s doctor who researched and recommended a Bedrocan product.

So Clarence obtained a prescription for Bedrobinol (Bedrocan’s 12% THC <1% CBD product) from his GP. On his behalf , I submitted an application for a personal import licence to the Home Office.

So, earlier this month, equipped with the prescription and copies of correspondence with the Home Office, Clarence set out, supported by his partner of four years. They flew to Schiphol and after a brief visit to an Amsterdam coffeeshop took the train to the northern city of Groningen where they had already made arrangements with a pharmacy.

Busted For Mustard!

The couple have now returned safely to the UK. Ironically they were stopped at customs in Schiphol before boarding but there was no interest in the medicine, only in a jar of Dutch mustard which they were told they could not travel with and it was seized!

The flight home was uneventful and so, hearts in their mouths, they chose the red channel and told an officer that they had medicine to declare. I can only imagine the tension of the next few minutes. Apparently a group of young men who been stopped watched in disbelief as a Border Agency officer examined and smelt the cannabis and then waved Clarence and his partner through. The officer commended them on being open, honest and straightforward, saying that if they had been stopped without making a declaration, things could have been very different.

I now intend to write to the Home Office, explaining what has happened and asking for confirmation that anyone else with a prescription from their doctor may follow the same process. It maybe that they will claim this was a mistake but we have taken legal advice and it would be impossible to secure a conviction against Clarence.

We have made the breakthrough. I believe we will be able to extend this to others. We will be seeking to agree a protocol with the Home Office which will clarify the position for patients as well as Border Agency staff and the police and eliminate any uncertainty for everyone. What has made the difference is that the prescription was written by a UK doctor, we were completely upfront with the Home Office in advance and, as we discussed in some depth beforehand, Clarence was scrupulous in being open and honest at all stages.

So, many congratulations to Clarence and his partner for their courage. I say again, we have made the breakthrough!

  • Robert
    Posted at 19:47h, 13 December Reply

    Glad this worked for Clarence and got job too. Sadly I got robbed by BF and Home Office of my 45g of Bedica and 45g of Bedrocan and also 9 bottles of THC oil and left me nearly a grand out of pocket. This makes me even more annoyed but I am genuinally please that my fellow pain suffers are able to get there stuff through customs.

    • Paper tiger
      Posted at 17:52h, 01 January Reply

      Hi Robert, did you declare it to customs before importing it ? Like you I have chronic pain and can not find relief from regular drugs prescribed by my GP and pain specialist. The pain specialist said that marijuana would be one of the drugs to try for the muscle spasms in my legs, which were caused by failed back surgery. I would be very grateful if you could tell me where you think you went wrong. CBD oil has not worked for me, I have read that the best relief is gained when THC and CBD, plus terpins are used in the same medication
      Thanks Pt.

    • gino231211
      Posted at 20:37h, 24 January Reply

      Black the ripper. Search him on Instagram, he hotbox the London Eye. His page is dank of England

  • lewis dan
    Posted at 05:08h, 28 December Reply

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    To God be the glory after using the oil for couple of months (Three months) my husband is free from cancer and today me and my husband are living happily but it is a sad story that my mum didn’t have this opportunity to survive it, once again you have to be aware that there is cure for cancer diseases today contact Rick via his email, save a life today!!!!


  • Nathalie
    Posted at 13:47h, 22 February Reply

    Hello everyone, here is a part of my healing journey. I was diagnosed with stage 4 ER/PR−Her2+ breast cancer that showed up 14 years later in my spine. I found out in October 2016. And had surgery to remove a few tumors on my spine and to fix the bones that were effected so i wouldn’t become paralyzed. We prayed for a cure. We found out about cannabis oil. which i got a reliable source. I started taking it slowly for the first month. Now i am up to 60 gr. I got a pet scan last week and the dr. Compared the new scan with the one done in October 2016. The dr. Said he couldn’t explained it but the cancer must have gone away. My sister said as she looked at both scans side by side that the scan from October had black spots all over my bones head to toes. The scan from last week showed no spots. She said it was as if someone took a racier and erased them. So in saying cancer is not a deathly diseases all you need is to be prayerful, believes and be faithful on your healing journey. God bless you all on your healing journeyKiss. God bless Dr Tracy Saracoglu for all her information, what i needed to do to get well!!
    #Contact Dr Tracy on email tracysaracoglu@yahoo.com or text @ (931)410-0188

  • SSD chemical solutions for sal
    Posted at 12:02h, 01 June Reply
  • Susie Appleby
    Posted at 23:03h, 10 July Reply

    I suffer terrible migraines for which nothing works. Do you think if my GP agrees to this I could do the same?

    • Matthew Vaughan
      Posted at 18:37h, 12 July Reply

      CBD doesn’t do much to tackle migraines. He developed migraines from the painkillers as a side-effect. They went away because he stopped taking them, not because of CBD.

    • Vector
      Posted at 02:46h, 19 October Reply

      I suffer migraines. Bad ones. Smoking does not remove the pain or end the migraine at all for me. What it does do is allows me to function with the migraine. It’s there. I still feel it but I can put the pain out of my mind a bit and get on with my day. It allows me to focus on what I’m doing where as with out it I’m usually laid in a dark room

      • Cameron Smith
        Posted at 00:37h, 05 February Reply

        Any Magic Mushroom containing “Psilocybin” (which is the brain altering compound in Magic Mushrooms) has more affects than smoking weed. If you take the dose right you won’t trip and the head aches will be relieved with no pain. I know someone whos wife has cluster headaches and if the take Magic Mushrooms it relieves the pain almost completely if a regular daily dose is taken. Just made me think there when i saw your comment if you really do regularly suffer from regular migraine you might actually suffer from cluster headaches. Its really interesting you should see this link and i just happened to be reading about this today. https://www.theguardian.com/uk/2005/aug/02/health.drugsandalcohol

        • Vector
          Posted at 22:14h, 05 February Reply

          Yeah I’ve studied up on in just dont know any one who can get me access to them right now. I took them before when I was younger for the trip just these days they seem to be hard to get hold of where I live

  • I see dumb people
    Posted at 09:42h, 03 August Reply

    What about anxiety and depression? I smoke weed and helps with anxiety and depression,I’m constantly having to buy whatever strains my dealers have,sometimes its not good cannabis and I’m left anxious with nothing to help,pills don’t work,will my doc allow me a prescription for cannabis too?I’m 40,smoked it since I was 17 to deal with anxiety and depression and it works too,I would be serverly anxious as a child because of a certain history I had as a child,smoking it relieves the muscle tightening when I have an anxiety attack,nothing else works,I cant eat food unless I smoke a joint,after a joint im able to move around with less care,less anxiety, I cant leave my house if I don’t smoke

    • Mimi Dupont
      Posted at 22:22h, 23 August Reply

      I also had terrible things occur during childhood & teens which caused terrible anxiety, I smoked cannabis every day almost without exception to get me through life. I stopped when I got to 35 but then suffered even worse panic attacks, I tried all sorts of remedies, I didn’t want to smoke pot for the rest of my life as I knew there was more to live for. . Eventually I paid privately to see a psychologist (it cost the same weekly that I spent on pot) after 12 months my life has changed, no more panic attacks. I would say to you, do not settle for a life trapped by your past, break free learn to love yourself and see a psychologist as they deal with your emotional health which is why you are trapped with the cannabis.

      • Leigh Wiles
        Posted at 09:07h, 14 September Reply

        you can purchase CBD oil / tinctures or vape E-liquids as nutritional supplements legally in the UK without a prescription. https://love-hemp.com/ are a one of the best UK suppliers of CBD products, Their products contain next to 0% THC hence why they are legal. you can try these and hopefully you will see the benefits of clear drugs tests etc (being able to drive or work without worry of failing a CDT)

        • Paper tiger
          Posted at 17:45h, 01 January Reply

          I hear what you’re saying, however, cannabis works best as a pain killer because CBD, THC and terpins work in synergy for the best pain relief. I have severe chronic back and leg pain due to failed spinal surgery. I have spent over a thousand pounds on CBD oil and have not experienced much relief. While it may work for some people it is not alleviating the pain in my legs, which is due to muscle spasms. The pain specialist said : For relief of muscle spasms in your legs caused by FBS there are only a few options, diazepam. marijuana and botox. Botox, while it works at the beginning soon drops off in its efficacy. You have to take such high levels of diazepam that it leaves you dizzy and unable to do things bar lie on the bed. My only option left is to try marijuana and I don’t know any dealers, plus I would prefer to go down the legal root. Many countries are more sympathetic to people’s suffering than the UK is. I’m thankful for this information and will try the man’s root this man took to help the intractable pain I experience

          • Cynthia
            Posted at 22:18h, 03 January

            Cbd is better, rubbed onto the backskin, than vaping. The all CBD capsules taken internaly work for me also.

          • Paper tiger
            Posted at 16:59h, 05 February

            Thank you for your information:)

      • Hamza Saeed
        Posted at 18:24h, 01 November Reply

        Hi where in England are you ?

  • kai mitchell
    Posted at 15:34h, 30 September Reply

    lol ok i ws a ******* child prisoner!! from the g of 11-15..i was illegaly and unljustly imprisoned…on the island of Jersey in an instatution call Les Chene…this was publicly admited May of this year in The Jersey Public Care Inquiry (point of fact inquiries are a platform used too help the culpable and should be stopped at all costs and we should deman INQUEST!!! as the rights of inquest over inquiry are promenant towards justice) I amnot allowed to go to the E.U human rights for help as jersey is exempt from uk and eu law by authority souly of the monarch…i have a letter from MoJ stateing sio and that they refuse too prosacute or look into my case..in short everybody else but me…i payed tax (now reegestered disabled after 25 years of work) just like you but im NOT allowed too use the police or the judicarary tooo stop these criminals…BTW the former deputy of said prison is in southmpton and is the head of a school for vulnrable children…(i went too the police and quoted fraud as..when she took the job she didnt state she was the former deputy of a child prison there by commiting common law fraud…apparently its only the law when the law want it too be, so the police wrote too social services,,,,,because apparently social services arrest people) i was unjutstly medicated for a 5 years too shut me up…i only found out 2 years ago..i now have a lawyer (i dont pay him he will collect from the statess at at £525 PH plus billables , spanning a 2 year case in which he will seu them over unlawful imprisonment only!!! **** y education guedss that irrelavent..or my rape..or when i was beaten and had my spine damaged, coxics got chiped or cracked no lasting damage …apparently.i amset too get maybe a 60k figuer if lucky…whilst those that ran and committed these acts are still drawing funds from pentions from the state)……now……can i ******* get a bit of basterd peace and quiet and smoke the only ******* thing that gives me some calm….i mean im ******* angry…like all the time….i have children…im not near them due too this and the efect it has on me that is uncontrolable withoput weed….so am I allowed? well im not asking anyones ******* permiition anymore.

    • Peter Reynolds
      Posted at 15:41h, 01 October Reply

      If you continue to leave comments full of obscenities you will be banned. You do your cause no good at all by such behaviour.

      • gino231211
        Posted at 20:34h, 24 January Reply

        Give the guy a break, he censored out the f words, and I’m sure most people wasn’t really that offended by his comment.

        • Peter Reynolds
          Posted at 14:23h, 28 January Reply

          A moderator filtered out the F words, not the commenter

  • Legal Cannabinoid Medicine Uk
    Posted at 12:00h, 02 January Reply

    […] Legal Medicinal Cannabis In Britain ACHIEVED! – CLEAR – Legal access to herbal medicinal cannabis in Britain has been achieved! Following a procedure on which we have offered advice and guidance, a CLEAR member has returned to the UK from Holland with 90g of Bedrocan medicinal cannabis which was prescribed by his UK GP. He declared the medicine at customs, all 18. […]

  • Amanda Greaves
    Posted at 23:54h, 24 March Reply

    I have Manic Depression disorder Bipolar these days – spinal docs prolapses – I do smoke as this helps me to slow down my thoughts and processes situations a little more effectively. It also helps with by spinal pain I get prolapsed discs as I have one side of my back with week and puny muscles do to a accident. the trapped nurve pain I get often can be dyer that I can’t stand up. I like to have a purpose in life so like to work to help others.
    I would like to try the medicated marawanna.
    I would even do it for research.
    Please advise!’

  • liam moore
    Posted at 06:01h, 01 June Reply

    Social anxiety phobia of going out depression suicidal thoughts insomnia and diabetic but never able to eat I smoke one or 2 before each meal and I can do everything even sleep without the night terrors

  • martyn jones
    Posted at 20:18h, 25 July Reply

    thank you thank you thank you thanks
    this has given me hope. 38yr old male adhd bipolar, anxiety. currently i have to break the law to feel normal.
    thanks to help and guidance from this website. i have now approached my GP and been Refereed to Obtain a Prescription for bedrocan. as my gp and mental health team have known for years i self medicated with Cannabis , and we have tried almost every form of treatment with no success.

    Fingers Crossed i will a happier future 🙂

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