22 Nov Legal Remedies Part 6

The Legal Remedies campaign (part 1)

Legal Remedies – A Call To Action (part 2)

Legal Remedies – Opening Salvo (part 3)

Legal Remedies part 4

Legal Proceedings Have Been Issued Against The Home Secretary (part 5)

The latest tactic from our so-called democratically accountable Home Office is simply to ignore correspondence.

In response we are getting serious.

Buster Dawson has agreed to take on the role of campaign co-ordinator. Very shortly he will be in touch with all existing participants to check what stage you are at and assist with next steps. He will be maintaining charts and records of the progress of each participant and will be available for advice or guidance. Buster will be able to provide letter/email templates and has immediate access to our legal advisers when necessary

If you wish to join just over 30 people who are set on this path towards obtaining an import licence for Bedrocan, then please contact Buster.

e mail Buster